Quotables: Wake Forest Players

Several Wake Forest players met the media to discuss Saturday's game against NC State and here is a sampler of what he had to say.

Quarterback Cory Randolph
On the team's season:
We had a good win at Clemson, but we're still 2-5, we have another chance this weekend to restart our season against N.C. State.

On his ankle injury: I have a high ankle sprain which occurred in the last minutes of the third quarter. We're doing a lot of treatment right now, and I should be able to go by Saturday

On how the injury affects his play: I can still run, and I can still do my normal drop back and my normal throws. The only thing it (the high ankle sprain) has affected is my cuts.

On N.C. State: (N.C. State's) front seven is physical and fast. Their secondary has a lot of speed. We're going to go right at them and try to not let that speed affect us.

Free safety Josh Gattis
On the season:
This team is going through a struggling time of the season right now. We have got to come together right now, in all aspects of the game.

On playing N.C. State: This game means a lot. I have a passion to play N.C. State. We always have a big rivalry versus State. They're a competitive team, and they bring a lot to the table every week. It is going to be a dog fight. We're two teams who have both struggled, but we are two teams with bowl hopes for the future.

On the Boston College game: We played a great game Saturday until the last three minutes of the game. Once we got up by nine, everybody seemed to sit back on their heels. We had a lot of quarterback pressure and were getting our hands on the ball until the last three minutes. We need to learn from that. We have to play the whole game.

On how to do that: We need to continue to mature each week and not make the same mistakes each week. Once we mature, I think that will help answer the problems we have late in the games and with close games.

Defensive end Matt Robinson
On this week facing N.C. State:
It's kind of a desperate situation for both of us. Both teams have their backs up against the wall. Both teams have got to have this win to save their seasons. It's going to be a dogfight out there. I think the game is close to being sold out. It's going to be loud and there's going to be a lot of passion. We can't get too emotional or we'll lose our head. We have to limit our mental mistakes. We had some mental mistakes during the Boston College game especially during the end on defense and some players out of positions and things that we've done all season the right way. The thing this week is that we can't get so emotional that we lose our head and are not in position and I think if we do that and we play our position and have a lot of passion that we'll be really successful.

On midterm week: We've all have been through this before, this is my third year and it's midterm week and it's tough. You just have to take it one step at a time and balance it. You can't put football over school and you can't put school over football. You get in, you study and you watch film. It's long hours everyday and it's something you get used to. That's something you come to expect when you play college football.

On the Boston College game: Well, I really think that was a whole team loss. The defense played great and we turned them over until the last three and a half minutes and we really let it down. The offense they played great. They controlled the ball. We had some turnovers that we kicked field goals. So both sides of the ball did things well and both sides of the ball did things bad. It was a whole team loss. That's how we take it every week. We don't point fingers, nobody on the team calls people out. I think everyone has to take it personally to getting better this week in practice and worry about how they can get better themselves and I think that will make us better as a team.

On the close games hinging on critical plays: It seems like it's the same story every year, and it's just so close. When it comes to winning, it just comes down to making plays. We had opportunities in (the Boston College game). We really had a chance to get a good win and we didn't do it. We got to be in the right positions, everyone on the field, and when we get that chance we really got to capitalize. And it a tough lesson that we're learning right now. And eventually things are going to start turning our way, but we're running out of time real fast. So we got to make it happen this week.

Kicker Sam Swank
On the season and how it's lived up to expectations:
In my first year playing collegiate football, the environment is what I expected - the big stadiums, and definitely the players are a lot bigger. Other than that it has been pretty good.

On making a pressure kick at Boston College: I knew it was going to come down to that. So I tried to relax on the sideline, and once I stepped on the field I felt really good. Plackemeier said, 'alright Swank, we're going to make this and we're going to win this game.' I trusted him and I knew he was going to give me the snap down and I just went through it and it split the uprights. Unfortunately, it didn't give us what we needed in the end.

On Ryan Plackemeier and if kickers are really separate from the rest of the team: We kind of are. We have no one else to hang out with during practice. But I really got to know Ryan this year. He's a great guy, a great punter, as you all know. He's really dependable on field goal and holding. I really trust him.

On realizing the importance of the kicker in close games: I was trying to prepare mentally during the summer. Last year, we had a huge number of close games, and I knew that was going to be a factor during this season. So I just tried to prepare mentally and physically as well as I could. Right now I'm just trying to do what I can for this team.

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