Lee Fowler On 850 The Buzz

This afternoon NC State athletics director Lee Fowler was on 850 the Buzz with talk show host Adam Gold. Here is a sampler of what Fowler had to say.

What has been the response for the Mexi-Cam on the jumbotron?
It has been well documented that CanesVision does our games and we've hired them to do our basketball and our football. I just think it was an error in judgement more than anything else. It was one of their employees showing another employee and they forgot there were 55,000 people there with their situation. It's just a situation that should have never happened.  They have a script, we approve the script before the game, and they just went off the script. It is sad that it happened. We apologize that it happened. But there is not much you can do, you just have to make sure that it doesn't happen again.

What were your initial thoughts when you first heard about the incident?
First of all, I didn't think that it happened. It was so out of character because they have been working it since the jumbotron was built. They have always done a wonderful job.  We were just trying to find out if it really happened. We first saw it from the Technician. But we are satisfied form the response and we are moving forward.

What led you to write the letter to the Wolfpack fans?
I took a lot of time thinking what I should write, during the boos at the game that night and it really affected me. I understand the fans dissatisfaction and that they were upset and I think that's fine because I had the same feeling. But we had 25 bowl scouts and 150 recruits at the game and I just felt like that you don't realize how much damage that does to the program. A lot of athletes from other sports were sitting there with their parents and I don't think that would be a positive situation.

It's amazing some of the things that Chuck and Herb have been through the last few years, but when I saw Chuck the next day, he was ready to go to work just as usual.  So I did it because I felt that it was something that needed to be said. I know the fans are going to do what they want to do anyway. We had some really good recruits in town for that ball game and we've had three games on national television. I put it on Gopack so that fans could read it and see exactly what I needed to say. And just to encourage them that we could still go 9-3 if we were to win a bowl.

Have we been out coached?
We've played teams with good players and a lot of talent.  Clemson could easily be 6-0. Sometimes we don't respect our opponent and I think Clemson played really well. Should we have done some things differently? I think maybe so. Clemson's James Davis played a great game. I talked to one NFL scout that said, 'I've seen him play three times this year and he played his best game against you.'  Sometimes that happens, you just have to adjust.

Is depth a problem on this team, or what have been the problems?
Its what you do on each night. There's no question that we have a lot of penalties. But nobody is more frustrated then the coaches about that.  Its just people trying to do the right thing but they just mess up and it kind of builds.  Its just one of those things that happens in all sports.  I've been to a couple of practices this week and our kids our unbelievably energized to play football.

 More thoughts about the letter:
I just think it was something that needed to be said, so I said it, and its over. I'm always going to encourage the coaches and the fans about what we are trying to do.  Coach Amato has a five year contract left. I've just got my contract renewed for five years. I know some fans will feel upset about that, but the trustees approved that in September. But we are building a program, and that doesn't always take a straight line up.  Sometimes you have some ups and downs.  I wanted to let the fans know that I support Coach Amato and I always wanted to be an encourager.

Do the players not fit the system?
We are so much more talented than we have been and now you have to win with that talent.  You'd like to have two deep like the Florida State's and the Miami's.  I went by and talked to Marc Trestman today and I'm really encouraged that he is here for the long hall.  He's taking notes of every game and every practice  and after this season is over he wants to go and sit down with Chuck and see what needs to be done. The West Coast offense is not a problem, because if we need to run the ball then we are going to run it. The guys are working hard and they know the same things the fans know.  I'm encouraged that both of the coordinators are going to be here and we won't have that turnover.  I think you are going to see positive things in the future.

Scheduling ECU...
It's a good game for both of us, it's a short trip and financially really  good for both of us.  There are some fans that don't like it and other fans that say they love it.  We are playing them next year here and then it alternates home and away.

History of Southern Miss...
They are a great football team and have a great coach and have been to a lot of bowl games. They have beaten a lot of good teams including Alabama on a number of occasions. I really think the Southern Miss series is a good series against a good program.

Why would the ACC expand to 9 conference games?
Its mostly about the home games and making revenue that is needed.  Plus you have the rivalry games where you play them consistently. More than 8 has never really been discussed.  We have even looked insurance for cancelling games just in case.  We'll kind of learn as we go but it would not surprise me if sometime in the future if the schedule moves to that.

Where has the expansion of the ACC put the conference in terms of being a
football conference?

There's no question that across the country that people are looking at us as being as good as anybody in the country.  You've got to go 4 or 5 years to see where that ends up but I can't imagine having any other better league than we have and to control the east coast like we do.   Even the people that have been against it have kind of changed their mind and seen the financial gains that have come out of it.   The negatives are that you don't get to play everybody that your used to playing. But I think it's a great league. It's a mixture of a lot of different types of schools. So we are excited about it and think that its really working out.

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