ACC: Bethel, Evtimov Meet The Media

GREENSBORO, N.C. – NC State seniors Tony Bethel and Ilian Evtimov met with the media on Sunday during 2005 ACC Operation Basketball from the Grandover Resort. Listen to what the Wolfpack seniors had to say about the 2005-06 team.

Tony Bethel (15:30)

"Things are looking good. I've seen progress this last week, and I'm just looking forward to getting out there soon."

"I'm able to run, but I'm taking it slow and just doing some rehab and treatment."

"I have high expectations for myself. I don't think I have anything to prove, but I just feel that I haven't been given the greatest opportunity to show what I can do after sitting out and getting sick and hurt."

"Practice has been going real well, the freshmen look good and are learning a lot. We're looking forward to getting to that first game and getting a win."

Ilian Evtimov (22:16)

"Four years have gone by so quickly. Now I'm in my fifth year at NC State, and I can remember coming on campus for the first time and moving into my dorm. Now I look around, I'm 22 years old and guys I play with are a part of the coaching staff. Man, times have changed."

"We had a first good weekend, and we spent a lot of time going over defense. The freshmen have been exposed to a whole lot of new rules... new concepts."

"I missed one... it would have been one of the nastiest dunks in my life. It hit the back of the rim... we'll see. Dunking is not something I see is very important in the game of basketball, but if I get one I will be very happy."

"Cedric Simmons... the only way to stop him if he's around the rim is to hit him really hard. Even then he might still dunk on you. That's how strong he is right now."

"That's Andrew Brackman... there we go. This guy gave me six stiches and earlier in the week he gave Brian Neiman, a transfer we have, 11 stitches on the chin too. Between me and Brian we have 17 stitches in one week of practice from one guy."

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