Monday PC: Davis Responds To Demotion

RALEIGH, NC -- NC State senior quarterback Jay Davis met with the media after being informed that he will not be starting at quarterback against Southern Miss.

Jay Davis

Jay Davis Audio (2:41)

"I kind of realized after the game that some changes probably needed to be made."

"Our offense isn't where it has to be right now and we're looking for a spark. Everybody on the team believes that Marcus can give us that."

"We haven't really talked about it... it's kind of been a typical Monday."

"I'm going to help Marcus prepare and help him do his job. As for me, I'm going to continue to prepare as a starter. Continue to watch tape and doing things that I've done up to this point."

"My emotions are fine. Me and Marcus have been competing for a long time. I feel fine... I just want to start winning."

"No, we certainly haven't given them anything to cheer about. That's something that the change will hopefully spark."

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