Locker Room Report: Andre Brown

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State freshman Andre Brown met with the media after rushing for a NC State freshman-record 247 yards against Southern Miss.

Andre Brown Profile

Andre Brown (5:04)

"Throughout the whole season I was third... I was third. They just didn't list it. I was taking reps in practice and coaches were just saying be patient."

"I'm probably still third. I'm going to stay humble about it."

"I just had to wait it out. I knew things were going to come and it came in a big way today."

"When you break a long one you get a little bit of confidence. It ended up happening that way. I had to feel the speed of the game and things worked out."

"We all are good backs. It just so happened to be my turn this time."

"We're real supportive of each other. You can't bring the team comradarie down because you want to be selfish."

"It didn't feel like [248 yards rushing]... I thought I had just barely broke a hundred to be honest with you."

"The flow of the game.. the offensive line was beating those guys up."

"I just went in there and held onto the ball. I got a couple of more carries because I held onto the ball."

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