Locker Room Report: Amato Audio + Quotes

RALEIGH, NC -- NC State head coach Chuck Amato met with the media following the Wolfpack's win over Southern Miss.

Chuck Amato (10:55)

"Nothing comes easy. Right off the bat, we drop a fair catch... our most dependable player. That set the field position for the entire first quarter."

"We talked to Marcus at halftime. He got some zip back in his throwing. He looked awfully good standing in there and throwing the ball. We tried to make it hard because we kept dropping passes."

"Andre missed the record for most yards rushing, by Ted Brown against Penn State if I'm not mistaken, by three yards. I was here to see that one. I told him he's got three years to get it. He'll have his opportunities."

"Give that offensive line all the credit in the world. I don't think our quarterback was sacked, I could be wrong, they opened up some big holes, and Andre ran over some big people."

"He's a confident young man that took advantage of the situation. It didn't look like at halftime he was going to, but again I think the fact of where he had to start hurt him there. He came out and did a whale of a job."

"Everybody counted them off. But them... but the kids. Those young men, there was no quit in them. They took the best shot they could in the first half and they took the best shot they could to start the second half. They fought their fanny off."

"Let's worry about this game. Let us savor this game. Tallahassee... where's that at? Let's savor this."

"It was about this time last year when Mario got cranked up. I have challenged that defensive line like you can't imagine. It started last week in front of the whole time and they have stepped up.

"They did it without John McCargo, just like our offensive line did it without Kalani Heppe. They are playing because they are enjoying it and having some fun out there. Games are suppose to be fun."

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