Hargrave Wideout Discusses Favorites

Pack Pride has the lowdown on talented WR Tim Jones from Hargrave Military Academy.

Tim Jones is a talented wide receiver from Hargrave Military Academy who was recently on hand for the Pack's win over Southern Miss. At 6-5, 210 pounds, Jones has doubled as both a QB and receiver at Hargrave. Pack Pride conducted a Q & A with Jones recently and we've got the latest on his recruiting.

Can you remember your stats while at Pendleton High School and what are your stats so far this year at Hargrave?

Jones- "I played QB in high school. I don't know exactly what my stats were but they were something like over 1,400 yards passing, 680 yards rushing and 23 touchdowns. We ran a wing-T offense so there wasn't a lot of passing. My stats at Hargrave are 16 of 18 passing for 350 yards and two touchdowns and two catches for 30 yards."

When do you plan to graduate from Hargrave?

Jones- "The earliest I should be out is Dec 16 and the latest is March 9."

Who are your top schools right now?

Jones- "My top three are NC State, South Carolina and UNC."

What do you like about each of your favorites?

Jones- NC State- "The thing I like about NC State are the fans. When I went on my visit they were crazy. The people at NC State are just great fans to play for."

UNC- "UNC is a place that I have been wanting to attend ever since I was six years old. I have been a UNC fan for a long time and still am. I'm not a fan just because of the basketball program. The football program has had great players that went to the league."

South Carolina- "USC is just a place that stays packed no matter who they are playing. The fans are always going crazy for those Gamecocks. The stadium is always shaking. All three of these three teams have great fans."

Do you have any particular favorite school?

Jones- "I can't say that I am leaning towards any school right now because all of them are great schools to be a part of."

Have you set up any official visits?

Jones- "Not yet."

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