Teleconference: Amato Talks Football

NC State head coach Chuck Amato talked with the media today and here is a sampler of what he had to say.

Are the slow starts a concern?
Its always a concern and it just depends on why you're getting slow starts. In this last game, a fumble put us in bad field position for the entire first quarter with a new quarterback and everything else. So we understand that it's a concern, but we just have to keep going.

Difference for Mario the last two weeks as compared to the first few games:
Well he's letting himself go. Last year about this time was when he started letting himself go. They've been doing some crazy things to Mario and Manny to try to slow them down and get them confused. We challenged the whole group two weeks ago at Wake Forest and they stepped up to the table on that and they just kept doing it yesterday.

Is John McCargo out for the season?
Its too early for that. Theres a chance he might be able to get back before the season is out, but time will tell and its too early to tell.

Thoughts on Andre Brown:
He had a fabulous game and everyone of those running backs are capable of doing the kind of things Andre did yesterday. Andre is picking it up, he made a great catch and dropped two easy screen passes. He has some really good hands and that was a really big confidence builder for him.

Will you name him starter?
Well who would you name?

I would go with the hot guy.
I think we'll agree with you there.

Marcus Stone's first start:
He got us the win. You know what the most important thing for a quarterback is? It's to get the ball into the end zone and to win football games. On third-and-three on the goal line with the score 17-14, and we called a timeout to decide what we wanted to do down there and so on and so forth. For us and Marc Trestman to say let's throw it, we've got a chance and to find something that can work and when Marcus completed that touchdown pass in the endzone, it had to do oodles for his confidence and the confidence we have in him. He got off to a slow start, and all that had to do with field position. It was his first start. It was his first start for a quarterback, and there is an awful lot of improvement that needs to be done.

What is McCargo's injury and how did it happen?
It's a stress fracture and that had to put a screw in the bone. He has no idea how it happened. He played the whole game against Wake Forest and it started bothering him about halfway back on the bus trip. He got treatment on it last Sunday and they took some X-rays. I didn't know that anything
was terribly wrong until after we got out of our press conference on Monday afternoon about 3:15. It was about 4 o'clock that I was told it might be a stress fracture and this and that. We wanted to get another opinion. We did another scan on it and it came back positive. We then did what they felt was the best thing to do. I don't have any idea (how it happened). We asked him and he does not know when it happened. He has no idea what happened.

How will you fill his spot?
There's three of them that rotated in there. Martrel Brown, Tank and Pressley, and that was the three-man rotation involved. John Bedics had a good week of practice last week. He's just a freshman, but we feel comfortable with him in there too if we need to.

Tramain Hall still have back issues?
Yeah, he's had issues with that since he came here. Stretching out is something that he does an awful lot of.

Any comparisons between Andre Brown and Ted Brown?
A little bigger, he's a lot bigger. The guy he reminds me of when we were in two-a-days I kept saying boy he reminds me of somebody, doesn't he remind me of somebody. A lot of it, and I hate to use this one, but the way Herschel Walker would get in there. He runs with his shoulder square, and he has great acceleration. On that 61-yard touchdown run, I think, I could be wrong, but it looked like the DB's were shocked by the way he pulled away from them. But to compare him to Ted Brown is to compare him to probably the best back that has ever played here. That's a pretty daggone good comparison.

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