Monday PC: Amato Talks Florida State

RALEIGH, NC -- NC State head coach Chuck Amato met with the media today and discussed the upcoming game against Florida State.

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    Chuck Amato Audio (33:30)

    "I made my decision on Friday. We went out and did a walk through and I was standing on that field and I said we were going to do it. I told nobody, and I mean nobody."

    "I think our players enjoyed it, and it hit them by surprise."

    "Any win is big. Any win in this league is big, no matter who you are playing. And you know what? People don't realize who we really played. We played a team that was up 21-7 on Alabama, the fourth-ranked team in America."

    "We've had a little bit of success against them."

    "Make a team punt 11 times in a game? That's a lot. That's an awful lot."

    "You've got to put the Andre Brown factor in there. The 61-yard run that he had, he broke two tackles at the line of scrimmage to get out of the backfield."

    "All Marcus will do is get better. All Marcus is going to do is get better. How fast he continues to get better... only one person knows that."

    "The people that make it go are the people at the point of attack."

    "Leroy Harris may have had the best game a center has had around here since that guy's number that is retired on the wall had. He was flying around... hitting people and driving them. Leroy had a great performance."

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