Teleconference: Amato Talks Football

NC State head coach Chuck Amato talked with the media today about the Pack's win over Florida State.

Does Andre Brown's running style remind you of anyone?

Yeah, he reminds me of watching Hershel Walker run. He's got quick feet. He's got speed and then he's floating, floating and all of a sudden, Bam. And then, you don't believe he's that fast but he's awfully fast on top of it. But I shouldn't put that on anybody, comparing him to a guy like Hershel Walker and I say it because of his size.

Could you talk about him sticking to it, not starting off the bat and how he came along, waiting for his opportunity?

Well, that's what we tell our offense. When you get your opportunity you've got to take advantage no matter when the opportunity comes, whether it's because of an injury to someone in front of you, or whatever. And when he got the opportunity to go in for more than one or two plays and then come back out, a week ago, he sure did take advantage of it and did the same thing against an outstanding defensive team in Florida State.

How much of it is Andre and how much of it is the offensive line coming together?

Without a doubt they can't run, they, I mean everybody, can't run unless you've got blocking up front. Our offensive line, the last two weeks, has really, really come together. The chemistry, you could see it every game as the season progressed. We're protecting the quarterback which we've really done a good job all year but the run blocking and the blocking of our tight ends has been absolutely outstanding. And then, the reason you get long runs is because you've got perimeter blocking because those wide receivers downfield are blocking their fannies off which shows an awful lot of unselfishness and it shows the team concept. And then you take someone behind that carrying the ball, and again, he took advantage of it because there are other running backs that can do the same thing on any given day as well.

Did the big run on the second play kind of put Florida State back on their heels and wondering who this Andre Brown guy was.

We just happened to hit it but they found out in a hurry he was for real. They really did. And that was big for the NC State football team to do something like that on the second play of the game to ignite energy, more energy than what we already had.

Could you talk about the 3-1-7 defensive alignment and how you came up with it.

When I talked to my staff on Monday, and I said, I ought to bite my tongue because I don't like a three man rush. But I think we need to do something from a three man rush to where we were going maximum coverage, to maximum rush and minimum coverage to every thing in between- three, four, five and a six man rush and then do things behind it without being complicated. We did something similar to this when I was at Florida State against Florida. I mean Florida State's quarterback, he is a freshman. He is something else. He is poised. He's tough. And he sees things and he gets rid of the ball in a hurry but I thought we could harass the receivers enough that we could get some pressure and we did. We got good pressure off of a three man rush because of who was rushing and the coverage down field.

Now that you're 4-4, do you use the possibility of a bowl game as a carrot?

We haven't put any carrots out there. We haven't talked about that. Our goal is tomorrow's practice to get ready for Boston College and we go from there.

With Andre having so much early success, is there any concern about keeping him grounded?

No. He is so level headed. He is a mature young man and, no, not at all. He's a team player. They all get along. It's amazing to hear the other running backs on the sidelines cheering him on. The other guys play his position and they're cheering him on.

Could you evaluate Marcus Stone's effort yesterday?

All I can say is he's started two games and he's won both of them. The object of the quarterback is to win games and get the ball in the endzone and that first half, other than that long run, we didn't do a lot but the thing we didn't do was turn the ball over. He didn't turn the ball over. He's going to get better and better with his decision making whether it be running it or throwing it because he's going to start feeling more and more comfortable out there on the field. In that second half he was cool and collected and he threw a couple of really good passes.

How did you come out of the game physically?

You know, physically, pretty good considering it was a physical game on both sides. Our players would be lying if they said they weren't sore but when you play that kind of game they're gonna be sore. But nothing that I know of at this point.

Have you been able to point a finger at exactly what went wrong on the punt blocks?

The operation has been really good all year. The second one we wanted John just to catch it and punt it but somebody just came scot free up inside and that was just technique up inside. And on the first block, you tell that guy on the corner to block the most dangerous man and his decision obviously wasn't the right one but they came hard. It's nothing that we cannot fix. It happened two times in a four minute span but thank goodness, they only got three points out of it. That tackle on the five yard line was big.

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