Monday PC: Amato Talks Boston College

RALEIGH, NC -- NC State head coach Chuck Amato met with the media today and discussed the upcoming game against Boston College.

Chuck Amato

Chuck Amato Audio (28:31)

"They are huge. There are so many big, young men up in the north... down here they are fast, not that they aren't fast up there. Everybody has people that size. Look at Wisconsin, Penn State, Notre Dame... Boston College."

"They are big and they are good... and they are well-coached."

"The thing he has done in the second half in both of those games is that he has calmed down."

"I really believe the players, and not that they didn't feel confident with Jay Davis. We can't say enough good things about Jay. [But,] I said two weeks ago today that we were looking for something, something... and we felt that we had to make that decision to go with Marcus and our players have ignited on that."

"It doesn't surprise me, because he said he would do anything and everything to help Marcus Stone and NC State to win football games. That would be his role as a leader, even though it woudl be from the sideline. You have to know that deep down it's churning in his belly, but he's proud to be a part of this program."

"He waited his time, and when the time came he took advantage of it."

"We've won two games with him there, and we've got the ball in the endzone. That's what the quarterback is all about."

"Marcus is got a demeanor about him... he's an imposing individual."

"No... especially when he hit him with his right shoulder... and that he's right-handed. He's not ambidextrous... or amphibious, or whatever it is."

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