Trestman: Boston College Is 'Very Physical'

NC State offensive coordinator Marc Trestman fielded questions today during his weekly teleconference and here is a sampler of what he had to say.

In the last two weeks has the offense not looked like what you maybe envisioned it might be coming in the season?
I would say that is a fair assessment.

When we started against Virginia Tech we were a lot more multiple than we are now. But, that doesn't mean it's not going in the right direction. It just means that we have adjusted to what we're doing well at the present time.

Has it been a big change in schemes?
Just looking back, I always said that we weren't worried about balanced but with moving the football. We were going to find the best way to do that. For the time being, this is where we are.

I know every gameplan is different, but to tweak an offense midseason, can you describe that?
I don't think it is as complicated as it sounds. We haven't changed the offense. We run the same runs, and we throw the same passes. We just get to them in a different way.

Are you limiting the playcalling? It almost comes off like Marcus Stone is told just don't screw it up and Andre will make the play:
I don't think that is the case at all. We're throwing the ball deep. In the second half of the game we threw the ball in critical situations. Not on early in the second half, but late in the second half when we knew we had to make some first downs. We were backed up near our endzone... we threw the ball a few times.

What may be perceived as something may not be the case. With any quarterback you have to strive to protect the football, but it's not like going in as a basketball player and saying when you get the ball get rid of it right away and don't ever shoot. We're not playing scared. We're just trying to do what we think is best right now.

So you don't think there are many changes going on?
No, we're just trying to play to our strengths. Right now, we have an offensive line that has had a lot of time to work together. Even though Curtis replaced Dwayne, Curtis has had a lot of practice and a lot of work. Pretty much the same group has been there a lot and that's been an advantage.

Marcus doesn't have the experience of throwing the ball on a consistent level in this offense and we're finding ways to run the football. Every game is going to take on a new identity and over the last couple of weeks this is the way we've gone.

Thoughts on Boston College's defensive unit:
They are strong. They are very strong up front, and they are a physical football team. They are probably not as diverse in scheme as we've seen, but what they do they do very well. They have some different things that we haven't seen anyone else do, so we have to be prepared for that.

They are a highly-competitive and very physical football team. Their scheme is one that is going to keep everything in front of them and make you go the distance.

Thoughts on Curtis Crouch and his play against FSU:
For an 18-year old freshman to come in and play 60 plays and keep his composure and play against a very physical and tough defensive line, I think it says a lot. It bodes well for the future.

Thoughts on the trend of using tight ends more in the passing game:
When I was at Miami, our top receivers were tight ends. They caught a lot of balls, and that was twenty years ago.

I just think it matters who the players are. I can't speak for other teams. I saw Maryland play last week, and I can see why they try to get their tight end the ball. He's a strong, big man who can run and do a lot of things well. If teams are going to the tight end, it's because they have a guy who can run and catch and be multi-dimensional.

When guys who are calling the plays put schemes together, they try to get the ball to guys who can make the plays. We certainly have that in T.J. He's not as productive as we'd like to have seen at this point, but he's for the most part making the most of his opportunities. He hasn't had as many chances as I would have liked to see him have.

When you look around there are a lot of good tight ends around and you have to get them the ball.

What type of challenges to do tight ends present for defenses?
It's a matchup situation. Our tight end can run with anybody. When you have a guy who can run like that, it's difficult to match him up with a linebacker or even a strong safety, depending on the speed.

That's something to consider. When he's multidimensional in terms of his ability to block and perimeter block. Then you have got to stop the run and handle him coming off the line of scrimmage on playaction passing.

Those are tough on defenses when you got a guy who can run across the field and go deep... who can block at the point of attack.

Can you give me one good anecdote or exchange that you've had with Andre Brown the past couple of weeks?
I've probably talked to him twice. I said, "nice job" both times... that's been about it.

He's got a long way to go. At the end of the season we'll look back and see how he finishes up. He's certainly brought a lot to the table, and we love what he's doing out there.

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