Recruit Reaction: FSU Win

Pack Pride caught up with nine major Wolfpack targets to get their feedback on NC State's upset win over Florida State. Read on for the scoop.

NC State played perhaps its best game of the season this past Saturday and came away with an upset victory over Florida State at Doak Campbell Stadium. The win also had huge recruiting ramifications and the staff at Pack Pride caught up with numerous Wolfpack recruits to get their reaction to the game.

"That was a good win for NC State and it was a bonus for a recruit that's looking at their team because it was an upset and it shows they're a school that could make it to the top 10."- DE Greg Tomczyk

"I had a game that day, so I didn't get to watch it, but I caught the highlights when I got home. It kind of surprised me, but they have a strong defense. That freshman running back, Brown, he's the real deal. He's their future right there. State's going to always be in the running for me because of how much I like coach Diaz. We have a great relationship, and I can always talk with him."- LB Matt Wright

"I thought NC State really showed what a team can do if they play like one. It was a much needed win at State and I was excited to see them come out on top. It is going to be a hard decision for me come signing day, but with the schools I have offers from I can't make bad choice. It's just going to be about making the best choice." - OL Hutch Eckerson

"I thought it was a great game. It was two quality teams at their best and NC State played a heck of a game. They did a very good job. My family wen to the game but I had to stay behind because of school activities." - OL Jarrod Holt

"I just got back from Georgia today because we stayed at my grandparents house to go to the game. Overall it was a great game. I had a feeling that we were going to win because we came in as the underdogs like always in that game. I was very excited for the coaches and players, especially my brother. Everyone went out and did their assignment, and we put the points up when they were needed and the defense showed up big time that night. So I'm really looking forward to being a part of something special, and that's becoming a member of the Pack squad with my brother." - CB/WR DeAndre Morgan

"Unfortunately regional coverage by ABC did not extend to my state so I did not have the pleasure of watching the game live. I did however watch the highlights and what I saw impressed me. It looked as if the defense came out inspired and the offense made a good showing too. What a huge win! I think that a win like that can propel the team to an excellent finish to the season. I look forward to hearing how they fare in Boston!" - QB Justin Burke

"NC State played a good game. Running the ball they were there. Andre Brown and Darrell Blackman, which came from Hargrave were doing their thing in the backfield. Those Hargrave drills are coming out. They are showing everybody how Hargrave works. Also the team played well together. The defense was on point." - WR Tim Jones and FB Cedric Hickman

"I thought the game against FSU was a huge win for NC State. That tells how good this team can be, going to Doak Cambell and pulling out a huge win. I checked in all day to see how they were doing and when I saw the final score I was very excited for Coach Amato and the Pack." - QB Joei Fiegler

"I thought Florida State was going to win so that was a big upset. I was going for State though. They went down there and beat them. That was a fun game to watch." - WR/ATH LaMarcus Bond

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