Video: Class Of '06 Basketball Commitments

Haven't seen NC State's Class of 2006 basketball commitments in action? Here's your chance as they officially sign today!

Name: Larry Davis
Hometown: Queens, NY
Position: Combo Guard
Vitals: 6'4/180/14 ppg

Guard Larry Davis

Davis Quote: "I'm a player that can play all three positions. I can play any of them and my thing is shooting. Coaches say I can shoot the ball and make my teammates better with my passing."

Coach Quote: "Larry's a prototypical guard. He's more of a wing guard than a point guard. He's very cerebral. He has a great feel for the game. His strongest aspect is his offensive game. He shoots the ball really well and can create shots for himself. He's a great leader and one of the most sound, fundamental players we've had come through our program in years." -- Christ The King head coach Bob Oliva

Film Session: #33 Larry Davis

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Name: Dennis Horner
Hometown: Absecon, NJ
Position: Wing
Vitals: 6'8/190/17 ppg

Wing Dennis Horner

Horner Quote: "I think I can do a lot of things well. I can shoot the ball, score off the dribble, and pass it. I need to get stronger, but my game is advanced."

Coach Quote: "Dennis has range from 23' feet on his shot. He has also developed a strong dribble x-over pull-up from 8-12 feet that has become one of his staple of moves - this was developed this spring and added a new dimension to his offense. Now he is a serious 'match-up' nightmare for the opposite team.

"Dennis is more athletic and a lot quicker than given credit for. I've seen him take a lot of major D-1 recuits to the rack and lock them down on the defensive side. I always tease his father, but his only weakness, is his weakness, or lack of physical strength. As your NCSU coaches have seen, this is something that you can easily improve upon. Dennis can easily add 20-25 pounts to his frame without sacrificing quickness or athleticism. His brothers are 'big' football players and Edgar (father) is a big man also. When Dennis gets to 215-220, a lot of those drives resulting in two fouls shots are going to be 'and ones.'

"One final note - Dennis is the 'ultimate' teammate. His loyalty, unselfish demeanor, and will to win makes him a very likeable teammate. Don't understimate the value of chemistry on a crew of five players. Dennis provided the 'star' power and our players rose with him. How does a team like South Jersey Select (all kids within 10-15 minutes of each other) beat these regional superstar teams or take the star-tudded Playaz Gold to the buzzer? Chemistry, and Dennis was the main ingredient which we revolved around." -- South Jersey Select head coach Bob Edmunds

Film Session: #31 Dennis Horner

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Name: Dan Werner
Hometown: Lincroft, NJ
Position: Combo Forward
Vitals: 6'7/220/16 ppg

Forward Dan Werner

Werner Quote: "I knew it was a special place when I went on the visit. When Coach Sendek offered me a scholarship when he met with me at my school, I had to make sure and talk about it with my parents. But it's exactly what I wanted. It just felt right, and I really connect with the coaches."

Coach Quote: "He's a pretty complete player for his size and that's a legitimate 6-foot-7, 6-8 and 220 pounds. He can put the ball on the floor, he passes, shoots, takes it to the hoop, rebounds and plays defense. I think he's a pretty complete player. I think he has an upside and I don't think he's there yet." - CBA head coach Ed Wicelinski

"Everyone in the Big East and ACC knows about him. He's a very skilled, fundamentally sound player that can shoot the ball and really knows how to play. He's skilled, can pass, can pivot and knows how to play. He's perfect for N.C. State's Princeton style of play. He's good. He's what N.C. State is – solid, skilled and a very good shooter. He doesn't make mistakes. My biggest question is if he plays the three, does he have the quickness to defend a three-man?" -– Division I assistant coach

Film Session: #33 Dan Werner

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