Quotables: Tom O'Brien

Boston College head coach Tom O'Brien met with the emdia to discuss the upcoming game against NC State and here is a sampler of what he had to say.

Head Coach Tom O'Brien
We will turn our attention now to North Carolina State. It's senior day at BC and we have a lot of kids who are playing in their last home football game. It'll be a night game on ESPN2, so it will be a national audience and I know that our students and our fans will come out and support Mathias [Kiwanuka] and Will Blackmon and all the rest of the seniors who will be playing in their last game. We need to get back on track this week. We need to get back the things that we were successful at earlier in the season. It should be a great night for football Saturday night.

On the quarterback decision and how it came to be:
Matt Ryan will start. It wasn't any one thing. It was a compilation of things that happened over the last couple games. I think right now, Matt [Ryan] gives us the best chance to win so he will be the starter.

On the difficulty of the decision:
It always is. But, I think it is a decision that has to be made.

On anything that taken out of the game against North Carolina:
I think the difference is we have to respect how tough this conference is. I think we got to a point where we were 6-1 and thought we were a pretty good football team. We haven't played for two weeks now like we did with that edge in the first six or seven games. We have to get that edge back and if we can get that edge back -- and that's what we have to concentrate on this week in practice -- then, we're going to give ourselves a chance. This is a very difficult league. It's very difficult to win in this league as a lot of teams are even and there is just a small fraction that separates teams. Right now, we have lost that small fraction and we need to get it back.

On Matt Ryan's growth in the last year:
Last year, he never played. That [Syracuse game] was his first game. He came in the second half at Temple. That is one thing. To prepare and start a game is a whole different situation. He has done that. Not only last year, but he has done it at Clemson and done it at Ball State. He came in at the end of Wake Forest and made something happen. He came at the end of North Carolina and made something happen. He is much different in terms of his maturity. He is much different in terms of his confidence. Hopefully, he will be the spark that we need to get the offense going.

On North Carolina State:
I think they regained it somewhere in the game against Southern Miss. They have a tremendous back. He looks like William Green, but about 30 pounds heavier. He is that big and that fast. They have huge tight ends. The made a quarterback change a few weeks ago and that proved to be an improvement to their offense. In talking to everyone in the conference, they have the best defensive football team in this conference. Hands down, personnel wise. Their front four to the linebackers and the speed that they play with in the secondary. It will be a big challenge. That's why I think if we get our edge back and come home to a home stadium that is rocking and people are going to send Mathias [Kiwanuka] and the boys out on the right note, those things will come in our favor.

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