Amato Clarifies Status of Two Pack Players

Pack Pride has the latest on two members of NC State's football team.

Can you talk about the development of Garland Heath this season? We were really trying to redshirt him two years ago and he started to get his feet wet. Garland's got a lot of instinctive football in him, and he plays really natural. He knew that this was his time to do things, and he's really done good back there. He makes the calls and make the checks and sees an awful lot.

Coach, I'm hearing that J.J. Jones may have had a disciplinary issues and may or may not be with the team. Can you comment on that?
A disciplinary issue? There's no disciplinary issue with J.J. Jones.

He's still with the team?
He's with the team, but he's got some issues. Team issues, academically that he's got to straightened out. He won't be making the trip.

Beyond that do you know?
He won't be making the trip. We may not live beyond that. We'll keep you posted.

How was practice this week?
Good. We ordered this weather to get us ready for up there and the good lord's on our side. At least tonight anyway.

Your last thoughts on Boston College and their quarterback change?
He started two games and did real good. He played against Clemson and had a heck of a game down there. He came in and beat Wake Forest in the last five minutes of the game. They've got two really good quarterbacks.

The other thing I'm hearing is that Bobby Washington is seeing some time at safety.
Yeah. We need to get all these kids, we need to get as many of them on the field as we can. Yeah he's seeing some time over at safety.

How's he looking over there?
He's been there two days. He looks real pretty. I mean, he's got things to learn. He came to us about it. It was something that I thought was real good.

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