Locker Room Report: Amato Quotables

BOSTON, MASS. -- Wolfpack head coach Chuck Amato spoke with the media following NC State's loss to Boston College.

Overall thoughts:
"It's real easy – their defensive line came up and gave our offensive line a pretty good thrashing tonight. They were gonna do everything they could to take away our running game tonight. We made an All-American or an All-Conference player out of two of their players – one on defense, No. 94 (Mathias Kiwanuka) and one on offense, No. 1 (Will Blackmon)."

Thoughts on Boston College's offense:
"They had four big plays for over 38 yards which hasn't happened to us in a really long time."

Boston College's defensive effort:
"They had around 16 negative plays (on defense)."

Thoughts on offensive playcalling:
"When you're second and 13 or second and 12 or second and 10 and they've got everybody stacked up there, I don't care who's back there (running) … they whipped us up front."

On Marcus Stone:
"He showed me he can run tonight. He's got a long way to go but he keeps getting better every day."

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