Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Player Quotables

BOSTON, MASS. -- Several NC State players fielded questions from the media following the Wolfpack's loss to Boston College, and here is a sampler of what they had to say.

Marcus Stone:
"Their defense played a great game. They're strong up front. They did have a very good rush but there were some moments I could have completed some balls. I just didn't come through.

"It felt great to come out and get on top. But that team handled adversity really well. They bounced back and gave us a good game."

Manny Lawson:
"We got off to a great start. Things were looking on the up and up. That just goes to show you what happens in the beginning doesn't dictate the end. When we got up by 10 points, we put ourselves at ease. They just came back.

"The way I look at it right now is before we can even look at being bowl eligible, we have to win the next game. Before we look at the next two we gotta look at the next one."

On Will Blackmon:
"He's small but his heart is big and it just goes to show you how much he wanted this game."

A.J. Davis:
"Even if we did win tonight we still had to win. We gotta put it behind us after watching film on Monday and go from there.

"They made some real good plays. There are plays that need to be made in football and they made a couple of them.

"Basically, we gotta be fired up. It's gonna be over shortly if we lose another one."

Andre Brown:
Credit to the BC front line. They played a hell of a game. (But) we definitely killed ourselves. They made more plays than us."

Brian Clark:
"We just gotta cut out the penalties and the dumb mistakes."

Leroy Harris:
"94 was unbelievable out there tonight. We heard a lot about him. We know he's an All-American, we knew he was an awesome pass rusher … he was impressive tonight. They definitely had a great scheme for him tonight and it paid off for him."

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