Teleconference: Amato Talks NC State Football

NC State head coach Chuck Amato talked with the media today about the Pack's loss to Boston College.

Update on Andre Brown's hamstring:
It was a tightening up he told our trainers and it happened in the first half. He was on a bicycle and he said it's been tight for a little bit, but it really, really tightened up on him, which may have been due to the cold weather and everything else. I don't think it's anything serious. We had planned on getting Toney some snaps in there, because to go 30-some snaps running the football, it can be a pounding experience.

How has Bobby Washington looked at safety during practice?
Well, he's only really been there for two days, so it's hard to tell. He's in a learning situation and we've put him back there playing some two deep and some three deep to make things real simple on him. But he's got some speed and he's shown a little toughness on one drill we did the other day. But it's too early to tell and he's such a talented individual, so we've gotta find a way to get him on the field one way or another.

Any timetable as far as playing time for Washington?
No, he's got to learn what he's doing. The worst thing we could do would be to put him back there and then he does something wrong. Because when you're playing back there at safety, you're the last line of defense - everybody sees those guys making mistakes, nobody sees the defensive tackle make a mistake, or the offensive tackle or the offensive guard. But they see other people make mistakes and that could just ruin the fact that he feels good about himself and his confidence. That would be the worst thing in the world that we could do.

Boston College's defense shutting down State's running game compared to other teams they've played:
They're first of second in the league in rushing defense, so that kind of says a whole lot. They committed a lot of people to the line of scrimmage. A lot of times there were nine of them ready to come, with their safeties being real hard support people which we knew going in. There's no question with the way we've been running the ball, we felt that we'd be able to do better and it looked to me that they were playing to see if the quarterback could beat them. A young quarterback that's been in two games. But they're big and physical up front and they were possessed. I personally went up to numbers 94 and 90 and shook their hands and told them they're as good as anybody I've seen out there.

Do you need to give Marcus Stone more plays or a different package or what?
More plays? People wanted us to cut down the plays we have. You know what, Marcus showed some things in that fourth quarter. When he does set his feet and when he does play with his eyes and he does complete his throwing motion, then maybe he can beat you in the passing game. He was in the shotgun more last night than he had been in the other two games combined and I think that might be something that helps him and he might feel a little more comfortable back there. But we've got to be able to protect him. At times we protected him well and at other times we didn't protect him enough and the things that he did with his feet, I think he ran for at least three first downs. Those weren't just for two or three yards either and he looked like he could run. For a couple weeks he couldn't run as fast as he really is. But he's going to get better and better and better, it just comes with time.

Will you incorporate more draws and get Marcus running more?
We'll do whatever we have to and if you've been watching us the last couple weeks and you haven't seen some of those plays, then you must have been over there eating hot dogs.

What's your sense about how Marcus feels about the way he played?
I talked to him after the game last night and I try to talk to most of the players afterward. He usually comes over here around 6 or 6:30 on Sundays to talk to Marc. But I haven't seen him today at all, because obviously we didn't get to bed until four and was up at six and I've been watching film ever since. He's down like everybody else because we lost the game and he knows there are some things that he has to correct and he will correct and when he sees them on film he'll probably kick himself in his fanny. He's got to get better fundamentally and he'll be the first one to admit that, but when he is, he is right on and that will come with playing and practice time and he's getting a ton of that.

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