Monday PC: Amato Talks MTSU

RALEIGH, NC -- NC State head coach Chuck Amato met with the media today and discussed the upcoming game against Middle Tennessee State.

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    Chuck Amato Audio (31:29)

    "They weren't going to let us run the football, and everytime we had something positive happen in the running game we had a penalty."

    "If poor Andre Brown would have had the yards rushing over the last three weeks that was taking away from him, he'd probably have an extra 150 yards rushing."

    "I was told that on third down, the average down and distance for the entire game was third and 11.8 yards."

    "I wonder if they water it before every game. It would be kind of a neat story if you guys would go check into that and see if they water it before every game. So it really looks green, especially on TV games against teams that run pretty fast."

    "I really think Marcus has improved a little bit each game... I really do."

    "14-0 is a lot different than 10-0."

    "He maneuvered around the pocket, he got hit, he kept his balance, he ran for three or four first downs."

    "He made some really good throws. All that shows is that sooner or later this is going to happen on a consistent basis and the more experience he gets the better off he's going to be."

    "Imagine that... there are five teams in the ACC ranked in the top 16 in total defense."

    "They are not going to come here and be intimidated by any means."

    "We've got to play to win and make sure we play smart."

    "They can run. They don't give up a lot of big plays. They can run. They are very sound in what they do."

    "They have two defensive tackles that have caught my eye."

    "When you are looking for a game in May... think about it. It's like looking for a wife when you're 50. You've got to take what's there."

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