Quotables: Middle Tennessee State

Middle Tennessee State head coach Andy McCollum and two players talked with the media about Saturday's game against NC State.

Head Football Coach Andy McCollum

Talk about all the high-profile BCS teams your team has played in the recent years, and now you have N.C. State on the schedule.
"It's a credit to these kids and what they have done. I look at our senior class, the four-year guys, and when you look at their record you forget they have played 13 BCS teams during their careers. It makes it tough. It is part of the growing process but this is a now world and we understand that. We have a chance to go play another good program in N.C. State and go against a team that is in one of the best conferences (ACC) in the country."

What about this week's game at N.C. State?
"It's another opportunity. You talk about how close games are and last week was another example of that. With 42 seconds remaining we are driving with a chance and the field goal goes right over the pole. It was that close and that's what we are dealing with. The attitude of our kids is hurt but they are working hard. We have had some tough losses, some close losses, but we know we are still going to fight and play hard. That's the attitude of this team."

What is your impression of the N.C. State defense?
"Their defensive line is great. All four will be making a lot of money playing this game. They look as good as advertised. They really have speed all over the field. It's a very good looking football team all around and it's going to be a tough challenge.This is a team that beat Florida State two weeks ago so that tells you about all you need to know about their team. It's not one area, they are solid all-around."

What is your relationship with (former Middle Tennessee athletic director) Lee Fowler?
"I never met (current N.C. State athletic director) Lee Fowler until I made the visit to Middle Tennessee for the job interview. I think the world of him. I appreciate him giving me the opportunity to work for this great University. He was very committed to giving us what we needed in order to be successful. We still talk frequently."

When you were hired, did Lee Fowler talk to you about the fact it may take awhile to win at Middle Tennessee?
"When he gave me the job he knew it wasn't going to be easy. We had success probably faster than people thought as things fell into place. He is a good man and he worked hard to give us what we needed to be successful, and when he left he was really working hard to make some things happen facility-wise."

DB Bradley Robinson

Your thoughts on this week's game against N.C. State?
"It's very exciting to play a team such as N.C. State. We expect great things of ourselves because we have been in these situations before. It's a challenge but one we look forward to seeing what we can do."

Growing up in South Carolina, is N.C. State a team you wanted to play for?
"I like N.C. State. I wanted to go there growing up. It's a great school and a great program. A lot of schools told me I was too small coming out of high school and they were one of those, so now I get to show them what I can do."

DE Devarick Scandrett
What are your thoughts of going on the road to play another BCS team, such as N.C. State?
"Whether you are playing Sun Belt teams or BCS teams at this point, it doesn't matter. As far as I'm concerned it's just another game. It's just a name because there are some Sun Belt players as good as BCS players. This is the next game for us and I don't think about it being BCS or whatever. It's a great chance against a quality team."

Last week was the first time the defense has struggled this season. What was the mood of the unit coming back to practice?
"I knew at halftime last week when we started slow that it wasn't what we are used to doing defensively. Louisiana-Monroe is a good team and they did some things to us that presented some problems. There's no excuses, we just didn't get it done."

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