Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State players met with the media following the Wolfpack's win over Delaware.

Gavin Grant (2:19)

"I think down the stretch we really came together. There were a lot of guys talking out there but we came together as a group instead of talking back. We just played basketball."

"I'm used to that playing in The Bronx. All we did was talk trash and go up-and-down."

"That really helped me to lift my talents to the next level."

"I'm used to it. I've seen guys get punched in the face, chased out the park after a game. So that out there was pretty clean to me."

"I like playing against teams that deny. All you've got to do is beat your man and then you can create for someone else or score yourself. Those are the types of games that I excel in. I like playing in games like that."

"Cedric had a great game. He was putting those free throws in from the other day. Today he did pretty well at the free throw line and was finishing at the basket. I think Ced was just a load for them today... he was too much."

"We felt like we had an advantage going down to Ced. We tried to get the ball to him and Andrew."

Tony Bethel (56 seconds)

"I think his confidence is sky high. He's been playing good."

Cedric Simmons (2:15)

"It's sort of like a two-headed monster. Outside shooting threes and then inside... we both feed off each other."

"10-of-12? I just took it one free throw at a time. I just really focused, get my elbow in, and watched the rim. I shot a lot of free throws before the game to get focused."

"I heard Delaware was a pretty good so I kind of got pumped up for it earlier. I wanted to come out aggressive."

"There was a lot of trash talking, but I didn't comment back. I just stared them down after a couple of good moves. Nothing personal... it's just competitiveness."

"I really thank my guys a lot for looking for me down low."

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