Charlton Hoping for First Offer

Pack Pride has the latest on talented QB Vaughn Charlton and the schools he's currently looking at.

It's not often you hear of a prospect playing quarterback and defensive line, even in the high school ranks. Vaughn Charlton is one of those rare athletes who has done just that.

"Most people think it's odd when I tell them I've played both positions this year," laughed Charlton. "I'm really just a quarterback, and that's what most schools are recruiting me as. I was kind of forced to play some defensive end this year out of necessity. I haven't minded it at all, but I am a quarterback first and foremost."

The 6-5, 210-pound prospect from Avon Grove High School in West Grove, PA is still waiting for offers, but he's hearing from North Carolina, NC State, Vanderbilt and Rutgers, among others.

"I'm still waiting for those schools to offer, but I've gotten some good signs in recent weeks. Schools have told me they're impressed with my arm, so I'm hoping when I go on visits I'll get a few offers."

While there's still question as to whether or not NC State will offer Charlton, the Pennsylvania passer has a clear interest in the Pack.

"NC State is one of the schools that I've been wanting to get an offer from all along," he said. "They need someone to come in and help the offense. I've heard it's a good school and I really like the coaching staff. They all seem like good men. I think Coach Trestman is going to do a good job as an offensive coordinator."

Avon Grove finished just 3-7 on the season, but Charlton did all he could to salvage his senior campaign.

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