PC: Amato Talks Maryland

RALEIGH, NC -- NC State head coach Chuck Amato met with the media today and discussed the upcoming game against Maryland.

Chuck Amato Audio (25:25)

"One of the teams that plays in this game will be bowl eligible after the game is over. What happens after that, we have absolutely no control. When they see it's from the Atlantic Coast Conference that will be a double-star."

"They know what's going on. Our players, they don't have to look at the internet, or read the newspaper, or listen to a sports talk show. They know exactly what's at stake. So do the players at the University of Maryland."

"Everybody was talking about Tressel-Ball. Then when you start playing Tressel-Ball, everybody wants you to play Texas Tech ball. They want to throw it 70 times a game. We played Texas Tech, and they never beat us. They hung 560, 890, 760, 675, 927, but they never beat us... they never beat us, and Tressel-Ball beat us."

"The object of the game is to win. When you throw it, people want you to run it. When you run it, people want you to throw it. But you know what people want you to do the most? Win."

"Physical... physical challenge. We go against one just like his twin in practice everyday. When Davis's twin, his name is T.J., catches the ball, he usually doesn't get thudded. He's got it all. Those are two premier tight ends... that's the way they are suppose to be."

"Everybody knows that four weeks ago that North Carolina State was written off to be 3-8. You were doing figuring. Everybody was doing the figuring. They're 2-4 and look what they've got... look what they've got left."

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