Tuesday: Chuck Amato Audio + Quotes

RALEIGH, NC -- NC State head coach Chuck Amato met the media today following practice.

Chuck Amato

Chuck Amato (3:22)

"I saw Koren Robinson catch a pass there at the end to put them in position to score a touchdown. I saw Dovonte... and then I saw Brian Williams. They had them all over the place. That was kind of good. How about Dovonte... and he dreamed about it. That's called visualization."

"Whenever you play period it makes you happy."

"All of them... it happens so fast. You don't understand how fast it does happen."

"These kids, where they have come from, where they were five weeks ago. To be in a position, to just be in that position. Yes it is a huge game."

"They have worked themselves into a position. In the last four games they are 3-1, but all of that is meaningless."

"The 2005 NC State team hasn't played the 2005 Maryland team yet."

"Without a doubt, to this point. We had two games in a row, prior to this last one, we felt was a push."

"If we can win the kicking game in every game, our chances of winning the game are unbelievably raised."

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