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Fort Lauderdale (FL) Cardinal Gibbons linebacker John Ware's season recently ended, and now his focus shifts to recruiting and a couple of upcoming all-star games.

"Our season is over now," John Ware told Pack Pride. "We finished 6-3. We lost to Beland Jesuit 35-10 in the first round of the playoffs. I did decent in that game. I didn't do well enough for my team to get a victory, but I did okay."

Ware, who plays both running back and linebacker for Cardinal Gibbons, finished the season with more than 800 yards rushing and 200 yards receiving and 10 total touchdowns. Defensively, he totaled more than 65 tackles and a sack.

His versatility on the high school level is certainly a strength, as Ware is being recruited to play multiple positions in college.

"I played mostly offense for my school," he said. "I started most of the games on both sides, but I'd end up picking my spots on defense for my team."

"Most schools actually like me at safety," Ware added. "I like that because I like defense a lot. A few want me to stay at running back, and NC State wants me to play the 'WIL' linebacker. Coach Stroud said with my size and athleticism it would be the perfect place for me if I went there. He just said it would be up to me."

Ware has already been selected to play in the Dade-Brown County All-Star game, held in January, and the upcoming Florida North-South All-Star game, played in December.

On the recruiting scene, the 5-foot-11, 210-pound athlete has already taken one official visit and will visit an ACC school this weekend.

"I've got offers from NC State, Ole Miss, Rutgers, Iowa, Iowa State, Wyoming, and a few others," Ware said. "I've already went to Ole Miss for an official visit. That was pretty good. I liked it down there. I like their tradition, and I liked their hospitality. I also liked their coaching staff. It was a good visit."

"I'm heading to NC State for an official visit on Friday, and I'm excited about that one," he added. "I'm a game guy. I want to check out the atmosphere at the game and see how they treat me. I'll see how it goes from there."

What does Ware like about the Wolfpack?

"I like that defense," he said. "That defense is definitely what sticks out when you think about NC State. Everytime someone speaks about NC State it's about speed, defense, and Florida guys. That's mostly what you think about when you hear NC State down here."

"Mike Greco is also there," he added. "He played quarterback last year for my high school. I'm hoping to see him when I get up there. I know I'm going to get to, but I'm hoping they set it up where he will be my host."

One factor that could help the Wolfpack is that Ware's family plans on relocating in the near future.

"Actually, my mom and dad just bought a house in North Carolina, so they are kind of excited about that," he said. "They are leaning towards NC State because it will be close to home, and I would be near them. My dad has a lot of family in that area, and they are remodeling the house and moving back up there."

With a good visit, could Ware make a decision?

"I've thought about that," Ware said. "But, I think I want to take full advantage of my official visits. I don't know yet what I'd do, but I'd probably wait a few weeks before making a decision."

Coaching Quotable: "John is that kind of impact player. He reads plays so well because of his ability to play on the offensive side of the ball. That's a quality you just can't teach. Those are instincts that are acquired over time." -- Cardinal Gibbons linebacker coach Tyler Zionts

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