Locker Room Report: Sendek Audio + Quotes

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Herb Sendek met with the media following tonight's win over VMI.

Herb Sendek (6:39)

"His groin was bothering him again tonight so we kept him on the sideline. We're hoping for a quick recovery."

"We were pretty open. Give them credit, I don't say that in any disrespectful way. Their gameplan was if we were going to beat them we were going to have to make outside shots because they were going to pack it in."

"Unfortunately we allowed that to frustrate us on the other end of the floor."

"We did some things a lot better last weekend than we did today. I like our team. We're going to get better. I think maybe the best thing we can do is put tonight behind us and focus on Notre Dame at this point."

"We just kept playing. I don't know that all that much changed to be honest with you. We went on a run, we tightened up on defense a little bit, and we made some shots. We didn't get shut out."

"It's clear. Any game would be good to have Tony. He's a really good player, and if you take a good player off of any team you've got to work extra hard to somehow make up for that. We'd like to have him all the time. We'd love to have had him last year, we'd love to have had him tonight. We are very optomistic and hopeful that he will be back with us soon."

"You could certainly wonder that. I didn't think we had the same pep to our step, but that was our schedule. You can't use that one. You've got to play the games where they show up and our guys are young, healthy, well-conditioned athletes."

"We will get together, but we'll make sure that we get a little turkey somewhere along the way too."

"We play two terrific teams over the course of the next week. I've maintained all along and I think maybe for the first time you guys have agreed with me a little bit, our nonconference schedule is really good."

"Saturday we play a Notre Dame team that is extremely experienced. Everybody know Torin Francis down low, their guards, Quinn and Falls, and they had one of the nation's best recruiting classes. It's going to be a good Notre Dame team that we face."

"Not to get ahead of ourselves, obviously Iowa returns five starters from last year's team and many think they can challenge for the Big Ten Championship. It's going to be a challenging week for us... the kind of game you guys like us to play."

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