Chad Green (DE)

TSW looks to Northern Nash for it's latest DE prospect, Chad Green.<br> <font size=1 color=cc0000>Update: Brother package deal in the works</font>

Name: Chad Green
Position: DE/TE
Hometown: Rocky Mount, NC
High School: Northern Nash
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 220
Speed: 4.5
School Preferences: UNC, ECU, NC State, Wake Forest, and Tennessee

TSW Bullet Points:

  • Junior Stats - 90+ tackles and 14 sacks.
  • Tall and fast DE prospect with national impact potential.
  • Summer Camps: NC State, ECU and UNC

    Update- June 13, 2002: (Jerry Cornwell * The Strutting Wolf)
    TSW is getting word that Chad and his brother David (CB) who is currently enrolled in a community college, would like to play at the same school. ECU and NC State have offered both as a package deal.

    Scouting Report - May 13, 2002: (Scott Kennedy *
    When looking up the pre-requisites for a top defensive end, there are a few attributes that coaches are looking for. The two most important being a good frame and good quickness. Those are two attributes that Chad Green has in abundance. At 6-5 and 220 pounds Green has been timed at combines as low as 4.5 and says that he ran a 4.3 last week.

    "The coaches said I am going to get a shot to play some wide receiver," said Green. "I played defensive end and tight end last year, but we usually run a two tight end set and run out of the I-formation a lot. We didn't throw much to the tight end. At defensive end, I had over 90 tackles and 14 sacks last season."

    Colleges have already taken notice of Green, and he has gotten offers from North Carolina, East Carolina, and North Carolina State. "I'm going to camp at [NC] State, ECU, and UNC this summer. My favorite schools right now are UNC, ECU, NC State, Wake Forest, and Tennessee. They're all pretty even right now."

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