Locker Room Report: Eddie Biedenbach

RALEIGH, N.C. -- UNC-Asheville head coach Eddie Biedenbach met with the media tonight to discuss the loss to NC State.

Eddie Biedenbach (3:09)

"It was not a very good game for UNC-Asheville. We didn't play well tonight. Several of our players didn't play well, but we're going to be a good team by the time we get to our league."

"State people aren't going to say this, and this is no knock on Julius Hodge, but they are a better team. Not without Julius, they are a better team because Brackman, Simmons, all those guys are a year older. This is a better basketball team. They have four good guards. A couple of them are really forwards trying to play guards and defensively they are excellent. Offensively they got some work to do for this league."

"I think this is a better NC State team than the team last year because of the maturity of Simmons and Brackman. Also, those other guards, Bethel and the rest of them, are really good."

"They have good athletes. Herb does a great job. Herb is a very, very good coach. We didn't execute. You have to execute offense when guys play you tough."

"Herb is a good defensive coach and they emphasize it. Those guys are strong and they are in good shape. Vince Lombardi had a great statement. He said, 'Fatigue makes cowards of us all.' NC State is not going to be cowards because they are in shape and are going to play defense all night long. Defensively they are tough."

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