Locker Room Report: Herb Sendek

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Herb Sendek met with the media following tonight's game against Miami.

Herb Sendek (9:35)

"Really pleased with our effort today. Miami is a very difficult team to defend, especially now that Anthony Harris has returned and is back in the lineup."

"We were very pleased to open with the kind of performance we had today."

"I thought our guys continued to do a good job of sharing the basketball. They did a really good job at the free throw line. I thought Cameron Bennerman really gave us solid play on both ends of the floor tonight."

"Guys just contributed in different ways. We had Cedric and Andrew with the presence at the basket. Gavin had some big rebounds and made his free throws. Engin gave us six assists. Toney, especially in the first half, really got us going from three, finishing 5-for-7. From that standpoint I thought it was a really good team win."

"When they started the game I think they were going zone on makes and man on misses, and I thought our guys did a pretty good job of recognizing what they were doing and communicating."

"I think Cam is off to a really good start this year, and I think tonight was as well as he's played. He was consistent on both ends of the floor. We really need him to be at his best because he is so talented and he does make a great difference for our team."

"Cam just had great energy tonight."

"Against them it just seems like you're in a constant rotation. You're scrambling, you're blocking out for survival, trying to come down with rebounds. We emphasized that coming into the game."

"Last year when they beat us in Miami they scored 21 points off of second shots, and I think this year they were getting back over 47% of their misses which is downright staggering."

"We were hot tonight. I don't know that we are consistently a 67% 3-point shooting team, but when you run the Princeton offense that's what happens."

"I think [balance] is always important. Every year, everybody who is on the team has a role and there has to be accountability that each guy performs his job to the best of his ability. Not everybody can be the quarterback, somebody has to be the center. Not everybody can be the running back, someone has to be the tackle. Everybody has to do his job, and when you have a team with balance, I think that's a good thing. I like that dimension that's evolving with this team."

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