Locker Room Audio: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, NC -- Wolfpack players met with the media following tonight's game against Miami.

Cedric Simmons (1:29)

"I felt like we were prepared, but just knowing their offense wasn't enough."

"Boxing out... that was the biggest challenge."

"It seemed like it didn't really have any impact, they were still bringing it in there. I could tell they were a little tentative by a couple of their drives."

"It's a good game. He's a senior, he deserves everything he gets."

"That really helped our team out a lot. His energy and his hustle really helped everyone else get back into the game."

Tony Bethel (2:14)

"I feel like that all the time, it just always doesn't go my way. My shooting has improved drastically from working this summer, working with Arch and the coaching staff."

"I was open. My teammates have been doing a good job of hitting the open man. That helped out a lot."

"It is, especially having Ced and Andrew down low making plays, demand double teams and kick out to our shooters. Right now I feel our guys on the perimeter, you can't leave us open or we'll knock it down."

Cameron Bennerman (1:17)

"Gavin had seven rebounds. I had X amount of points. Tony hit some big shots in the first half, Engin played good defense, we all have to carry the load."

Ilian Evtimov (1:09)

"I think the crowd was tremendous today and gave us a lot of confidence. I think the crowd really played as a sixth man on the court."

"We have the most balance since I've been here, even more than any team that I remember playing against. I feel that we have weapons we can use in all aspects of the game."

"We have shot blockers, good inside presence, we have great three point shooters. We have good athletes, Gavin Grant, Cedric, Cameron. We have guys who just know the game. We have guys who are older, we have guys that have transferred, we have guys from overseas. I think all that mix is just tremendous, and we know how to use that."

Andrew Brackman (1:15)

"With the rotation of me, Ilian, and Ced, if we find the perfect fit I think we can maximize effort and playing time."

"Whoever is on the court can do the same things. Whoever gets out there does what they can do."

"Cameron... he's a senior, he's our leader. He has his days, but I think today was the real Cam. Hopefully he can keep stepping up in big games for us because we really need him down the stretch."

"Since we have the ability to block shots, we just go up and get it."

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