Sendek: Bama's Frontcourt A 'Real Concern'

NC State head coach Herb Sendek held a teleconference to discuss Thursday's game against Alabama.

Notre Dame is a common opponent for you and Alabama. What did Notre Dame do to Alabama that they didn't do against you?
Well, they really shot the ball exceptionally well in that game. As I recall, Colin Falls really got hot from the outside.

Can you talk about Andrew Brackman? Is he having to adjust to a new body or new role? It looks like he made some progress against Miami.
I think Andrew has been terrific. He's done different things for our team here early in the season. I think he has been effective in different ways. He certainly had some big plays against Miami on Sunday, and I think he's off to a really good start for us.

Can you talk about the challenge that Alabama's frontcourt presents?
They are really an outstanding group. Their system is really inside-oriented. They do a great job of getting those guys the ball. They are big, strong, and they are experienced. That is a real concern for us.

Tony Bethel
Can you comment on the recent play of Tony Bethel?
I think Tony has continued to make real progress, going back to the opening tournament when we really had his minutes limited. It just seems to me that he's made great progress beyond that. He's still getting in better shape everyday, but obviously he is playing very good basketball.

He was a great catalyst in our game Sunday against Miami and finished with five three's and a good overall floor game.

I know you can't say much about Gavin Grant's situation, but now that a court date has been set and it falls outside of the season, what impact do you think that has had on minimizing the distraction that could have been for Gavin?
To be honest it's something we haven't really spent a lot of time talking about. We're really focused on the season and most importantly Gavin just finished his final exams and was really centered on his schoolwork.

There is a process that has to be followed, and that is what we're going to do.

How do you think he has juggled basketball and academics?
I think he has done exceptionally well. He really centered on the things that he can control, and really went about things one day at a time and doing the best job that he can. He's always been very focused on getting his education, and he's always been a real gentleman representing our program in a first-class way.

He's working hard at basketball and off to a good start as well.

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