Media Day: Wolfpack Players

CHARLOTTE, NC -- Several Wolfpack players met with the media at today's Meineke Car Care Bowl Media Day, which was held at the Mimosa Grill in downtown Charlotte. Here is a sampler of what they had to say.

Oliver Hoyte (2:43)

"He goes down and gets those players. When you have great players great things can happen."

"Their running back is a scrappy running back. He's good."

T.J. Williams (4:34)

"It's been a rough time, but it's here now. It's reality."

"I think they are a pretty good defense. A lot of guys are fast and they have a lot of playmakers on the defensive side of the ball."

"Anthony Hill has the opportunity to be a better player than me. He's big, he's fast and he can block. That's one of the main things, he can block. If he continues to work hard and everything else, he'll be a complete player."

Manny Lawson (4:11)

"To be able to do that, you've got to have weapons. In watching film, they have a numerous amount of weapons. It all starts with their offensive line."

Manny Lawson

"This being their first bowl game, being looked at as the other team, I know that's going around. They are going to come out ready to play. Just balls out football."

"He compares this game to our Gator Bowl game, as when it was us being labeled as the other team."

"It's looking really good. I have young guys coming in feeling my spot. They are all ready. Ray Michel, the hardest working freshman I've ever seen, coming in at linebacker. I think he's going to replace Ollie, and potentially be a very good linebacker."

Marcus Hudson (4:37)

"It's been an exciting week. Not only because of practice reasons, but just being here in Charlotte."

"It was alright. I didn't get on the rides, but it was cool just being down there. We were like little kids out there."

"The funniest thing was watching Curtis Crouch get in the car. We were all betting to see if he could fit in or not. It was just funny watching him get in and see if he could get out. It was like watching somebody score a touchdown." Marcus Stone (4:17)

"We're happy we can make it to a bowl game."

"I feel we're beginning to gel more and more. The spring is going to be big. We've got great receivers that are leaving us but we also got great young ones."

"I definitely see a lot of speed. They are a very talented team. I look forward to lining up against them."

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