Meineke Car Care Bowl Media Day

CHARLOTTE, NC -- NC State and South Florida coaches and players met with the media today at the Meineke Car Care Bowl Media Day.

The event was held at the Mimosa Grill in downtown Charlotte and Pack Pride has audio and quotes from the event.

  • Chuck Amato Audio + Quotes

    "They whipped them. They held Louisville, a team that probably averages 45 plus points a game to 14, and it was no fluke. It was absolutely no fluke."

    Chuck Amato
    "We've seen film on them before. They've got a lot of speed. When you've got speed anything can happen. They are well-coached."

    "Jerail... he's a big offensive lineman. We're going to have a lot of fun with him."

    "He goes, 'Who is that #2? Who is that #2?' I said coach I told you I've got a bunch of great running backs."

    "They are as good a pair as you can [find]. They are both tall, fast. They almost remind me of Pete Boulware... is Manny. Manny's actually taller, faster, and stronger than Pete in college. Andre Wadsworth is Mario. Mario is taller than Andre. Both can run awfully fast and are physically strong. It don't get much better really."

    "Kyle Newell is somebody, and I don't know what's going to happen to him when mother nature takes over. When you see him and Mario walking down the street, Kyle is taller. Kyle was a defensive end in high school and a wide receiver, and he's playing wide receiver. He is about 6'6.5 and he's got good hands... he really really does."

    "Ray Michel... Ray Michel is going to be a leader of this football team. He's a big Levar. His motor doesn't stop. He's really an intense individual."

  • Wolfpack Players Audio + Quotes

    "To be able to do that, you've got to have weapons. In watching film, they have a numerous amount of weapons. It all starts with their offensive line."

    Manny Lawson

    "This being their first bowl game, being looked at as the other team, I know that's going around. They are going to come out ready to play. Just balls out football."

    "He compares this game to our Gator Bowl game, as when it was us being labeled as the other team."

    "It's looking really good. I have young guys coming in feeling my spot. They are all ready. Ray Michel, the hardest working freshman I've ever seen, coming in at linebacker. I think he's going to replace Ollie, and potentially be a very good linebacker."

  • Jim Leavitt and Andre Hall Audio + Quotes

    "When you play against tremendous defensive ends, you obviously have got to have a plan. If that plan doesn't work, you're not going to have a shot.

    Jim Leavitt

    "The hospital... it brings you down. It shows that we all are human."

    "Those kids, some of those kids are real sick. That's a humbling experience."

    "I haven't noticed that. I'm not left-handed... I don't know. I kind of like running to the left though."

    "State's line is darn good. Penn State's line is pretty tough. I haven't seen any defensive ends that play like State's does. They are the first... pretty much the best."

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