MCC Bowl: Amato, Tulloch Discuss The Win

CHARLOTTE, NC -- NC State head coach Chuck Amato and game MVP Stephen Tulloch met with the media following the win.

Chuck Amato (13:54)

"My skin is very, very thick," Amato said. "I've been hit in the mouth and hit in the nose many times and it's broken and it's crooked. I was more concerned about my players than me. It goes with the territory. I'm the same guy that three years ago, ooh, ah, ooh ah.

"You don't get too high when that happens and you don't get too low when that other stuff happens.

"That doesn't bother me because the true Wolfpack fans are always there. Look at that stadium out there today. Fans aren't... they may be fans of other schools because a lot of people are jealous about what's going on at this university right now."

"[Stephen Tulloch] is a great player. He's so instinctive. He sees so much, and he's just a football player. I'm glad none of the other people recruited him because he wasn't a couple of inches taller. That's one of the best linebackers that you can be around right there. He's a big-timer."

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