MCC Bowl: Wolfpack Players Audio

CHARLOTTE, NC -- Several Wolfpack players met with the media following the 14-0 victory over South Florida.

Mario Williams (4:14)

"I can't tell you how much joy I feel right now."

"The offense stepped it up completely. Either way it's a win-win situation."

"I'm going to make the decision next week. What day? It will probably be Friday."

"I'm leaning toward it, but if I'm projected high... of course I probably would. I don't see why. Especially the way our team finished on a high note."

Andre Brown (1:49)

"We're a young team, and next year is looking real big. Hopefully this win will propel us into next year."

"He got us down there. I put it in... it was nothing like that."

"We just had a feel of the game. When you get a feel of the game you start seeing the field more."

"We got a lot of young guys that are very good. I think we're going to be good next year."

Leroy Harris (1:45)

"I knew I was going to play guard on Thursday. They knew I probably wouldn't be able to go because of my finger. I dislocated my fingers when we were practicing back at the house."

"I'll be one of the guys coming back."

John McCargo (1:08)

"I've been thinking about it all year long. I'm going to spend some time with my family and see how things go. Whatever I choose to do I'm just going to stay strong."

"We came out here and did what we're suppose to do."

"It was great being out here in front of all our fans."

Toney Baker (1:27)

"My big boys up front were blocking hard for me and Dre."

"We went through so much adversity. To come out and win a bowl game, it feels great."

"It felt pretty good, especially to get a W."

Marcus Stone (47 seconds)

"The look I had from the defense. I had confidence in Brian. I knew he'd make the play."

"He made a heckuva catch on that play."

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