Press Release: What is he thinking?

We know what he is saying, but what is he thinking?

"[Unlike] Chuck the Clown ... I would never beg to get a recruit." -- Feb. 13, Rams' Club meeting in Raleigh, sore about the A.J. Davis fiasco

"He (Amato) used some term like, 'Welcome to the fast lane.' Like we're in the slow lane? I think that's unjustified, and I think it does an injustice to college football in general." -- April 29, quoted on, still sore about the A.J. Davis fiasco. (What Amato said was actually "I've recruited too many years and had too many public commitments that young men made to me and on D-Day they went elsewhere. That's life in the fast lane.")

"Sitting there talking about his crooning, talking about his hands and knees, it was a joke." -- April 29, quoted on, still harping about the A.J. Davis fiasco and Amato's press conference

"What I love about winning that game (at NC State in 2001) is when the game was over, as opposed to what NC State did the year before when it came out and stomped on our logo, like a high school, an absolutely disrespectful act, our guys went over to our fans and celebrated with them. Class. Carolina is about class. That's why I'm happy to be here. Dignity and class. I don't think going out and stomping on somebody's logo is dignified or classy. " -- May 21, quoted on, (NC State traditionally meets postgame at midfield, even at home games, "stomping" on their own logo)

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