Scouting Report: Chris Wright

Who is Chris Wright? A few people give their assessment of NC State's latest commitment's game.

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    Who is Chris Wright?

    A few people give their assessment of his game:

    "Given the parameters of who and how N.C. State goes about recruiting, it would be tough to find a better fit than Chris Wright.

    "He represents everything (character, skill, academics) that Sendek seeks. Plus, he's going to allow the Pack the ability to get out and run at a pace they haven't been able to play to in recent seasons.

    "The ACC will be loaded with talented players but few will mesh better with a program than Wright and N.C. State. It's a strong match." --'s National Recruiting Director Dave Telep

    Chris Wright

    "He's really a great leader. He does a great job of getting everybody involved. He leads our team, he's a great defender. There aren't many holes in his game.

    "The thing that I think makes him such a special player is his ability to make the right decision. He really does a great job of making good decisions with the ball and getting everybody involved.

    "When you have him on your side, you have a shot." -- St. John's College High School Head Coach Paul DeStefano

    "He's a great player. He attacks the cup as hard as anything. He's silky smooth, and he's got a great jumpshot. He can do whatever he wants with the ball.

    "He's so strong and he does everything so well. He's an all-around great player and makes tough shots. He's phenominal... that's the best word I can use to describe him." -- Montverde Academy and Wake Forest signee L.D. Williams

    "I think I'll be able to create a lot of problems for their opposing defenses. They have a lot of shooters and if I penetrate it'll create a lot of shots for the shooters. Then again, there are so many lanes for me to get open and shoot 3s. On the defensive end, they play man-to-man and that's what I've played growing up as a little kid." -- Chris Wright

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