TOC Player Review Part 1

TSW reviews the players interested in NC State from Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions. Fast action and a marathon of games made for a hot weekend in more ways than one!

2003 Prospects

Jeremy Ingram: SG 6'3" 180 Kinston, NC
I only saw Jeremy for one game and that was against an undermanned New Jersey Celtic team lead by Mike Nardi. Jeremy is a physical entity at the guard position. He took a lot of shots beyond the arc but missed on all but one (1-7 3PT). He was active around the basket as well (3-7 2PT) while drawing fouls (5-6 FT) from big men on most occasions when he ventured into the lane. He has work to do on his ball handling skills and to be honest, when the Celtics stormed from behind, he was all but absent in stepping up his game to meet the challenge. He reminds me of Scooter Sherrill in ways, although Scoot has a much better shot (at least for this game).

Corey Gibbs: SF/PF 6'8" 215 Stone Mountain, Ga
The World Wide Renegades is a stacked team. They have players from all over the nation so Corey did not stand out like other star players on less talented teams. Their team won against the Seattle Yes team when the Seattle Coach threw in the ole towel with four minutes left in the game. Gibbs had his moments, especially getting things done down low. We did not get to see his muched worked on ballhandling skills or his outside shot. We could see that he is a quick athlete, but I really have my doubts about him being 6'8" (looked more like 6'6"). According to Dave Telep, he will do well at a school that likes to get out and run so he can use his transition skills. He's hard to classify position wise, but he contributes in different ways. Style of play should be a real factor in his decision because given the proper "fit" he can be successful.

Chris Paul: PG 6'0" 160 Clemmons, NC
Report by Dave Telep * The Wake Forest bound guard had 17 points at the break. He was only getting started. When 3s finally stopped going down, Paul finished with 42 points, the highest reported total we've heard so far in the tournament. He's routinely mentioned with the top PGs in the class but what sets him apart from many of his counterparts is his presence. Always under control and the consummate leader, Paul changes tempo, rarely forces plays and provides stability to an offense.

2004 Prospects

JamesOn Curry: PG 6'3" 170 Mebane, NC
JameOn will be a star at the next level. He brings unbelievable raw athleticism to the point guard spot and he looks to use his abilities to drive and dish in some of the most unbelievable ways. No looks, spin moves, and hops are all taken to a new level by Curry. He not only dominated his defenders at the point, he also dominated the big men on and around the boards (reminds me of Grundy's inside game). He uses his athletic abilities to control every phase of the game. At this point, he looks to be a run and gun type player instead of the traditional PG such as Chris Corchiani, but to be fair, he is still young with plenty of time to develop the atypical PG skills. As it is now, he controls the game with his speed and moves. With his athletic ability along with his size 6'3", he will undoubtedly be a top PG prospect from the Class of 2004.

Tavoris Watts: F 6'8" 195 Mebane, NC
Watts is as graceful a big man I saw at the TOC. He glides up and down the court with ease and I never saw him tire even though he was playing in a fast paced game with 95 degree temperatures in the Card Gym at Duke. He has a knack of shimming around defenders to get his shot off, and he rebounds with the best. He is not the most athletic big man I saw, though he knows how to work his game for his benifit. The grace he exhibits along with a shot that is soft and controlled makes me have visions of Tim Duncan. He also has the frame that could add 30 pounds easily. I can see him fitting in nicely at the PF (if he grows a bit more) position at NC State.

Don't miss part 2, Mike Nardi. It should be up sometime Monday night. Part 3 will be Mustafa Shakur and will be available on Tuesday.

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