Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, NC -- Wolfpack players met with the media today following the win over Wake Forest.

Cameron Bennerman (3:37)

"Everyone makes mistakes and we don't get down on each other. We just stick together. We have good chemistry."

"I'm striving for consistency. As far as my skill level, I do have the ability to do that. As we keep playing and build chemistry, those type of things will kind of mold themselves."

"We made the adjustment to stop shooting so many threes. In the first half I think we shot more than what we really needed to. We made that adjustment in the second half."

Ilian Evtimov (1:31)

"Absolutely. Wake Forest is known for all of their plays. We put a lot of emphasis in practice. We played them three times last year and us older guys are very familiar with their plays. Coming into the game, we just knew what they were running. The majority of the time, we got them out of their offense."

"I think he was a great leader on the court today. He was guarding the point guard. If he's busting his butt on the ball with ball pressure, it's leading off to everyone else because if we all don't do it, it's not fair to Tony."

Engin Atsur (1:04)

"He was great. He showed great leadership and showed that he wasn't going to be denied."

"Cameron had a great size advantage. He did a great job of getting the ball inside and going to the hole. They had a hard time stopping him."

Gavin Grant (1:25)

"They try to post me because I'm a big guard and we posted Cam and he had a big game today."

"I think our guards won the game for us today."

"It's not like we were down 13 and playing our best basketball. We knew that we had to get our head together and once we got our head together we would be fine."

"He was smothering Hale and their other freshman point guard. He got steals, he got Cam dunks on the fast break."

"I think all the credit goes to our guards."

Tony Bethel (2:09)

"We always have room for growth, but at this point I think we are where we need to be. To win like this and play how we've been playing, I think it's been good."

"I know we were down and it was because of our lack of defensive intensity. It was very important for us to get out and pressure them. We were able to cut the lead down."

"I just wanted to give them pressure and help our guys on the backline. If I gave him pressure that would make it easier to guard Justin Gray. He turned it over a couple of times... he's a young fella."

Cedric Simmons (1:07)

"It's real frustrating. It seemed like as soon as I started to get going I'd get another foul. But, my teammates picked up the slack."

"Cam had a big game tonight. Ilian played well and Drew played well. Gavin played well also."

"Cam developed a flow for us and helped us get back into the game and take the lead."

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