Senior Bowl: South Team Final Reports

With the Senior Bowl being played today, here is the final report and analysis of this week's practices. Updates on Manny Lawson, Marcus Hudson, and T.J. Williams are included.

Player Pos School Height Weight Arm Hand
Brodie Croyle QB Alabama 6022 200 9 3/4 32

Weigh-In Notes: Slender....looks like a high-school kid.

Monday Practice Notes: Awkward placement on handoffs as he tries to hide the ball but it creates problems for the running back receiving the ball.  Holds the ball low and as a result displayed a slow release.  Did not work well with timing routes, delivering the ball late.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Like the other two signal callers, he struggled with deeper throws but threw well on shorter routes. Coyle looked good with his setup and he did a good job of improvising at the line of scrimmage when the pocket broke down.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  He was the best out of the three signal callers in practice drills in the session. Coyle showed more accuracy than the previous two days and was good in throwing through a tight window.
Thursday Practice Notes:  He was very solid and did a very good job of completing passes in traffic. He also did a good job on deep passes.
Analysis:  After a slow start, Croyle seemed to improve in most facets of his game. His footwork and accuracy improved over the course of the week and he also did a better job of throwing down field. Overall, he seemed to help his draft stock.
Darrell Hackney QB UAB 5113 240 9 1/2 32 1/2

Weigh-In Notes: Short, built like a rock....thick arms and shoulders.

Monday Practice Notes:  Hides the ball well on his handoffs and plays it out as if he has the ball.  Good setup and strong arm and lead his receivers well.   Battled inconsistency with high and low throws.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  The delivery on his passes was compact which helped on shorter passes and Hackney displayed good footwork. However, he struggled with accuracy on deeper throws of 30 yards or more. He showed decent mobility and did a decent job of throwing on the run.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  He continued to show a strong yet erratic arm during practice drills. Hackney, like most the signal callers this week, has trouble with accuracy when under duress or pressure.
Thursday Practice Notes:  His shorter throws were on time but he continued to wobble the deeper throws.
Analysis:  He throws a hard ball but it's not always the most accurate. Hackney moves around well but also doesn't throw that well on the run either. Like many of the passers here this week, he doesn't throw with accuracy under duress. He hasn't shown us enough consistency to believe he helped himself in Mobile in the minds of scouts.
D.J. Shockley QB Georgia 6006 205 9 32 1/2

Weigh-In Notes: Slim and very slender.

Monday Practice Notes:  Held the ball high and displayed a quick release.  Threw some ducks and delivered the ball low to his receivers all day long.  His deep ball floated.  Extends the ball nicely to the running backs on handoffs.
Tuesday Practice Notes:   He showed to have a slightly better than average arm and he did a good job on sideline throws but Shockley struggled with his consistency throughout the practice session.
Wednesday Practice Notes: His technique when throwing is almost a push pass. Shockley's passes were inconsistent almost the entire session and he had a lot of problems hitting his receivers in stride.
Thursday Practice Notes:  As has been the case for parts of the week, his throws were erratic. Shockley did a better job of sensing the rush in the session and got rid of the ball quicker.
Analysis:  He was more down than up this week and didn't throw with much consistency. Shockley had problems throwing under duress and had trouble throwing the ball down field with accuracy. He had some good moments but not enough to help himself in the minds of the scouts and personnel men who will be evaluating him.
Joseph Addai RB LSU 5111 208 9.5 31 7/8

Weigh-In Notes: Slender yet cut and well built.

Monday Practice Notes: Hides extremely well behind his line and explodes through the hole. Showed deceptive speed.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  He had a mostly solid session and found success on most of his runs. Addai ran with power while showing some elusiveness. The only negative is that he runs a little too high.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  He ran with very good power and elusiveness and also did a good job of catching the ball out of the backfield. Addai does a good job of reading his blocks and runs with agility.
Thursday Practice Notes:  He did a good job of hitting the hole and found daylight on several runs. He dropped two passes but then rebounded to make a great catch about 20 yards downfield in traffic down the sideline.
Analysis:  Final Analysis: After starting off slow earlier in the week, Addai picked up the pace and finished off strong. He tends to with an upright style but runs hard through the hole with a little wiggle. He ran with patience and sets up his runs well. He helped himself this week.
Andre Hall RB South Florida 5081 203 10 29 3/4

Weigh-In Notes: Defined and well built.

Monday Practice Notes:
Tuesday Practice Notes:  He ran with good speed and elusiveness and did a good job of catching the ball out of the backfield. Because of his size, Hall got engulfed at times in pass protection.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  He runs with a powerful style that's low to the ground. Hall really showed improvement over his first two practice sessions with patience on his runs and his ability to set up blocks.  
Thursday Practice Notes:
Analysis:  He showed good speed this week and elusiveness but his lack of size will keep him likely as a third down back or as special teams returner. If an offensive coordinator at the next level uses him the right way, he could be productive in certain packages.
Jerious Norwood RB Mississippi State 5113 205 10 32

Weigh-In Notes: Needs upper body development.

Monday Practice Notes:  Fastest played on the field and was able to get to the edge
without much stress.  Did not run well inside the tackles.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  He was very solid in most aspects of the practice session. Norwood ran with a slashing style which made him hard to tackle and he had a few long runs down field. He gave good effort in pass blocking.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  He's very fast to the hole and is hard to stop once he gets it going. Norwood also has good hands out of the backfield. The one negative is that he'll get knocked down occasionally after first contact.
Thursday Practice Notes:  He continued to cut and slash his way through the defense with several nice runs.
Analysis:  His cutting and slashing style was very effective this week and he broke off several nice runs. Norwood also did a nice job of catching the ball out of the backfield. The one negative is that he got knocked down after first contact at times and that showed us he needs to get stronger.
DeAngelo Williams RB Memphis 5084 208 9 1/2 31

Weigh-In Notes: Short, stout and compact.

Monday Practice Notes:  Dropped his first swing pass.  Showed patience and waits
for his line to setup the blocks before exploiting the openings.  
Tuesday Practice Notes:  He's easily the best back here this week and has nothing but help his draft stock. Williams ran with great vision in this session and was very patient and did a god job of setting up his blockers. Williams  showed a great burst on his runs and was able to hit the second level well and found daylight down the field on many occasions. He also did a good job out of the backfield when catching the ball and was a willing pass blocker.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Again he was very smooth on his runs and he sets the blocks up very well. Williams doesn't stop moving even after first contact and is able to pick up extra yardage. He's also has shown to have soft hands.
Thursday Practice Notes:  He was very smooth as usual in running and catching the ball.
Analysis:  He clearly was the best back on either squad this week. Williams showed no flaws in his game and did a great job of setting up his blocks and showing patience and then getting to the second level on his runs and finding daylight down field. He also did a nice job of catching the ball out of the backfield and seemed natural in that role. He clearly helped himself here.
Garret Mills FB-TE Tulsa 6006 236 9 3/4 31 7/8

Weigh-In Notes: Broad chest\shoulders but needs toning...marginal muscle build.

Monday Practice Notes:
Tuesday Practice Notes:  He didn't run much as he worked with the fullbacks but Mills did a solid job on pass routes and he caught the ball well. He gave good effort in blocking during the session.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  He has only been asked to run once so far. Mills struggles in blocking but has shown to be an excellent receiver in all practice sessions no matter where he's lined up.  Ran very good routes.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Again, he didn't carry the ball and was used as exclusively to block or to catch passes.
Analysis:  He wasn't really asked to carry the ball in Mobile and was used primarily as a move player and as a receiver out of the backfield. He caught just about every pass thrown his way this week and got open repeatedly. To make it at the next level at fullback, he'll need to make major improvement in his pass and run blocking.
Marcedes Lewis TE UCLA 6057 254 10 3/8 35

Weigh-In Notes: Big shoulders and wide arms.

Monday Practice Notes:  Excellent hands.  Made the catch of the day, a one-handed grab against zone coverage that drew some applause from scouts.  The best route runner on the field and is strong in his release off the line.   Blocking needs some work.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Caught the ball very well, showing terrific natural receiving skills.  Blocked much better than advertised, though there is still room for improvement.  Was not as quick off the line as one would think.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Again, caught the ball very well.  Possesses soft/natural hands.  Ran precise routes, sharply getting into breaks.  Beat the defense long on one play into the end zone.  Displayed better prowess blocking, working to finish the play.  Still a little slow off the line which was disappointing.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Showed some quickness running routes and caught the ball well.  Went up against double teams in the end zone and came down with the pass.
Analysis:  Looked good in all facets of the game.  Presents himself as a down field receiving threat. Needs to improve his blocking but improved his draft stock here in Mobile.
Anthony Mix TE Auburn 6040 242 9 3/8 33 5/8

Weigh-In Notes: Large with minimal tone.

Monday Practice Notes:  Inconsistent day.  Looked crisp on some routes but drifted on others.  Did not display great hands but battled some tough throws.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Hops back on his heels before pushing off the line of scrimmage. Plays well without the ball, looking for blocks until the whistle blows. Displayed nice hands.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Loses some steps off the line of scrimmage but has good recovery in finishing the route. His cuts were precise and he gained separation late. Uses body well to protect the ball and catches are away from the body.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Uses his frame very well and physically defeated opponents.  Inconsistent catching the ball.
Analysis:  Physical off the line and away from the ball. Progressed through the week by running crisper routes.
T.J. Williams TE North Carolina State 6021 261 10 34 1/2

Weigh-In Notes: Thick with minimal definition.

Monday Practice Notes:  Looked weak on blocking assignments and was knocked down several times.  Limited opportunities in the passing game.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  A very mediocre session.  Showed neither the strength nor determination to block, rarely working to finish the play.  Dropped a lot of catchable throws early.  Picked it up late in the afternoon, displaying the ability to consistently find the open seam in the defense.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Tough session again.  Dropped more very catchable passes, some in the open field.  Does not display soft hands.  Did an admirable job finding the soft spot in the defense during scrimmage.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Dropped numerous passes that were in his hands throughout the day.
Analysis:  Struggled during the critical practices early on the week.  Will watch his draft stock drop as a result of his poor performance.
Devin Aromashodu WR Auburn 6021 202 9 1/8 33 3/8

Weigh-In Notes: Needs upper body development.

Monday Practice Notes:  Dropped the first pass his way with no one in coverage.  Doesn't break parallel to the quarterback in his breaks which makes it look like the quarterback misfired but his routes were the culprit.  He does catch with his hands but had a tough day overall.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Did a good job selling his route but does not come back to the ball. Showed some good footwork. Did not even try to make a block during the session.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Has really improved his route running and had the feel of a legitimate playmaker. Does not take extra steps and stays low entering and exiting his breaks. Very good in goalline situations, catching the ball in traffic.
Thursday Practice Notes:
Analysis:  Route running progressed through the week and his confidence came back after early drops. Did not try to block throughout the week.
Hank Baskett WR New Mexico 6024 220 9 33 1/4

Weigh-In Notes: Built but not ripped.

Monday Practice Notes:  Wound tight.  Worked hard all day but it made him sloppy.  Lined up wrong four to five times, which prompted his coach to say,?  This is not geometry.  It is easy.?  Tried to corral several passes outside of his range but came away unrewarded.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  No extra gear in his game and has a tough time creating separation. Has a casual attitude on the field when scouts would like to see him be aggressive. Not afraid to block. Works well on underneath routes.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Route running has been a weakness. Does not come out of his breaks cleanly. Outs are run without being square and he cannot stop and make a 90 degree turn. Always follows through with his blocks and remains a consistent hard worker.
Thursday Practice Notes:  A little bit slow and sluggish off the line.  Takes a while to get it going.  Made a terrific, one-handed stab which got a rise from the crowd.
Analysis:  Hard worker who does not display an extra gear to beat cornerbacks at the next level. Plays like a tight end and lack of acceleration makes it hard for him to find separation.
Skyler Green WR LSU 5090 193 8 1/2 29 1/2

Weigh-In Notes: Not the build advertised for a smaller guy.

Monday Practice Notes:  Had to re-run more than one route on the day, particularly slants and in-routes. Showed a nice burst of speed and got behind several defenders deep.  Looks the ball in over the shoulder.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Solid route runner who can create separation. Crisp but will, at times, look slow on the field. His session was cut short by a hamstring injury.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Did not suit up because of a hamstring injury.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Put his helmet on and ran sprints on the sidelines.
Analysis:  Flashed straightaway speed and an extra gear but did not get in and out of his breaks well. Timing was off with the quarterback and his week ended early.
Sinorice Moss WR Miami-Fl 5077 183 9 1/4 29 1/2

Weigh-In Notes: Tiny

Monday Practice Notes:  Smooth route runner who slips in his breaks.  Fast and physical off the line but game speed slows down in his route running.  That could be from the early slips.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  More controlled cutting ability on a drier field. Is cognizant of his position on the field and switches the ball to the sideline hand. Extra gear visible in his game and he catches the ball well in traffic. Was used as the primary returner on punts and kicks.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Was used as the only punt returner and fielded kickoffs with Norwood. Dropped one punt when he misread the ball and looked hesitant on another. Speed was evident and he displayed a late burst to gain separation. Cuts were clean and he put himself in position to make plays.  Ran excellent routes and was applauded by coaches.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Applauded by coaches for his improved route running.  Showed reliable hands.
Analysis:  Speed caused timing issues early on with quarterbacks and a slick field on Monday caused slips. Cuts are smooth and precise on solid footing. Had a very good week with very few drops and migrated to the open parts of the field. Creates separation.  The lack of height is an issue.
Ben Obomanu WR Auburn 6003 202 8 1/2 33 5/8

Weigh-In Notes:  Solid build.

Monday Practice Notes:  Catches the ball at the highest point and made some nice grabs
but is not refined in technique.  Ran a lot of poor routes and was chastised.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Doesn't attack the cornerback in his route running. Takes extra steps trying to throw off the defender which slows him down to a crawl. A poor route resulted in an easy interception for the defense.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Had trouble early in practice with his ability to make smooth cuts. Made the quarterbacks look bad as a result of his route execution. Improved as practice moved on with the coaches on his hide.
Thursday Practice Notes:
Analysis:  Does not sell the route, giving the cornerback an opportunity to make a break on the ball. Doesn't attack the ball in flight.
Will Allen OL Texas 6046 318 10 1/8 33

Weigh-In Notes: No muscles tone in fact flabby.

Monday Practice Notes:  Showed nice ability and recognition in space.  Has a tendency to give up too much ground in his protection along with lacking much of a punch.  Was continually beat today by missing his initial punch.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Was a mess all day.  The coaching staff corrected him on not driving through with his hips.  The tendency to lead with his head, and accentuating the problem by continuously keeping his arms too wide, lead for a long day.  The one positive is Allen does work hard to reestablish his block after failing in the initial impact.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Received reps at both left guard and center.   Allen continues to struggle.  Often loses at the point of contact because he shoots the hands wide and gives up his body, and he certainly is not strong enough to overcome this problem.  Where he excelled today was out in space and at the second level.  Not the most powerful prospect but shown ability to play if in the right system.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Again got reps at both guard and center.   Reprimanded early by the offensive line coach for not "opening his hips' correctly on a double team.  Late recognition in pass blocking.  Did show better feet today than e has all week.
Analysis:  Allen struggled most of the week and received quite a bit of coaching from the 49er staff.  Looks to be a late round pick whose versatility and style of play can be put to use in the right system.   A strong game will go a long way in the eyes of scouts after terrible week.
Ryan Cook OL New Mexico 6061 332 9 7/8 34

Weigh-In Notes: Terrible build with marginal muscle tone.....lots of room for improvement.

Monday Practice Notes:  Possesses long arms which showed to be both a burden and a blessing.  IF he hit his punch, the defender was dead in the water.   More often than not, he did not land said punch.    It should also be pointed out Cook played some right tackle as well today.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  This center prospect seems to be making a new home at right tackle.   He was complimented by the line coach on a proper and powerful punch. His timing on the punch overall is in question though.  Out on the edge, Cook has shown he is comfortable and smooth in a deep pass set.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Received reps at both center and tackle as he has all week.  Had trouble early in the day taking a proper angle in his pass set.   While he appears suited to make the transition to right tackle, his timing is clearly off at the position.   What he has shown all week is strength at the point of attack and a very good punch.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Continued splitting his time at center and right tackle.  Heavily reprimanded by line coach on not making the proper line calls.  Did show better width which he was coached to do yesterday.  
Analysis:  One of this week's pleasant surprises.  Cook's smooth transition to right tackle certainly raised his stock.   Whether a team selects him to man the middle or play him on the island, he will need some work and conditioning.   A couple years down the road, Cook could be a steal.  
Mike Degory OL Florida 6052 301 9 1/2 34 3/4

Weigh-In Notes: Thick but needs upper body development.

Monday Practice Notes: Degory not only played his natural position of center, but also got some reps at guard.   Showed a bad tendency to lead with the head which can lead him to be beat by quicker 1 techniques.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Quite day for the center prospect.   Did show some bad habits on a consistent basis.   Had a tendency to overset in pass blocking drills, giving up a clean run toward the QB up the middle.  Really struggles keeping the arms locked out.   The elbows are generally too wide thus taking away the power this large center should display.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Received reps at both center and left guard.  Degory fired off the ball low and hard today but still struggled to keep his head up and his elbows inside his body. 
Thursday Practice Notes:  This veteran of trench warfare has not shown the polish a scout would expect.  There was no push up the middle when Degory was at the pivot.  Continued the bad habit of keeping his elbows wide  
Analysis:  A highly rated prospect coming into the week, Degory's true potential and play was discovered.  Degory struggled most of the week, being beat by most of the defensive tackles.   His bad habits will be hard to break and will require quit a bit of coaching.    Once highly rated by some,  Degory is mid round pick at best.
Cody Douglas OL Tennessee 6043 317 9 3/4 32 1/2

Weigh-In Notes: Flabby stomach and chest.

Monday Practice Notes:  Has a non existent punch which lead him to be beat continuously today.  Was asked to pull and move in space once today and looked totally lost.   His one highlight was actually keeping Broderick Bunkley in check on one occasion.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Coached up early in practice to get extension with his arms.  Tendency to lean with the back too much and would have been called for multiple holding calls in today's practice.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Showed a little bit of potential today.  Moved well in space and during pulls.  While he does move well in space, he has to work on the angles he takes to his block points.  In pass protection, if he locked on with a good fit, he showed some power.  Leading up to that point Douglas showed a weak post leg and had a few defenders come underneath on him.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Best day of the week for Douglas.  Solid in both pass and run blocking.  But what does it say when his best day comes when the team was only at half speed?
Analysis:  Long and unproductive week for Douglas.  Flashed some signs of ability in space, but struggled greatly in both run and pass protection for large chunks of the practices.  
Max Jean-Gilles OL Georgia 6035 358 10 1/8 36

Weigh-In Notes: Thick and built  well for a 356-pound man.

Monday Practice Notes:  At first appeared dominant, after further review, Jean Gilles lacked a solid punch.   With his strength he was always able to overcome, but he consistently let defenders into his body giving them the upperhand from the snap.  
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Got a coaching lesson on a proper punch at the beginning of the practice, which is an upgrade from yesterday when it was a concern.  Possesses the athleticism to be comfortable in his lateral movements as seen in his pull blocks today. Still relying on his brute strength heavily.  At one point he was corrected on not keeping his feet pumping.  Recognition on second level blocking is a bit suspect as well.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  For a man his size, Jean-Gilles showed surprising athleticism and recognition when asked to block in space.   His timing on his punch is questionable and when it lands they are generally wide of the aiming point.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Showed a comfortability when asked to block in space.  Anchors himself well in pass protection.   Still had trouble shooting the hands consistently.
Analysis:  Big, powerful, and dominating at times.  On the talent end of the spectrum, Jean-Gilles is certainly not lacking.   At the next level he will only be able to get away with some of his technically deficiencies for so long.  Jean-Gilles received large amounts of coaching this week, but continued to improve all week and only get better.
Marcus McNeill OL Auburn        

Weigh-In Notes:  Was not at weigh-ins as he was in transit from the Hula Bowl.

Monday Practice Notes:  First and foremost it's important to point out that McNeill did show up, albeit late.  His technique overall was putrid, and the coaching staff noticed as they did try to coach him up. McNeill was bending at the waist, playing with too wide of a base, and generally played with too much of his weight forward.   At times he was pushed around by players not of his caliber.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Had the highlight block of the day as he cleaned Alabama DE, Mark Anderson, clean off his feet on a down block.  Showed he has good lateral quickness.   The question of technique is consistently the problem.    Bent at the wait often, base was too wide, and missed his target on the punch too often.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Powerful but continues to bend at the waist.   Coached up to get more width on his deep set.  Today was McNeill best performance of the week to date.   He showed some power, a nice punch, and very nice lateral quickness.   It appears to look like he is taking to some of the coaching.   Now tomorrow will be the key to see if he can put it all together for once.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Reps at both left and right tackle.  Lateral movement was fantastic today.   Looks to be really taking to coaching as he had his most complete day from a technique standpoint.
Analysis:  Sloppy is the best descriptive term for McNeill's play.  Continuously bent at the waist and played with too much weight forward.  Hands and footwork were inconsistent all week and received a lot of coaching in those regards.  Did show some very nice athleticism at points, and looks at both right and left tackle should look favorably to scouts.  Has every measureable scouts look for, but the bottom line is McNeill is a project. 
Jonathan Scott OL Texas 6061 310 9 7/8 34 1/2

Weigh-In Notes:  Some definition but has room for improvement.

Monday Practice Notes:  Maddeningly inconsistent.  One snap Scott plays to his talent level and is absolutely dominant.   The next he was completely blown off the ball.   What was impressive was his athleticism today especially when asked to hook.   Was corrected by the coaching staff on playing high and showing a weak post leg.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Consistently gives up too much ground in pass protection.  Tendency to get his elbows wide as well losing power in his punch.  Did show very nice lateral quickness.  
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Coached up at the beginning of practice on the art of a proper punch.  Scott played both sides of the line today at both right and left tackle.  One constant of the week is his quick feet.  The inconsistency continues in other aspects of the game.  Bent at the waist at times.  Even with the extra coaching still struggled with his hand play. And definitely needs to play with a lower pad level.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Showed a beautiful pass set in a controlled practice setting.  Also saw reps at both right and left tackle.
Analysis:  The talent is obviously there, but Scott has yet to put it all together.   One snap you see a top ten talent dominating his opponent.   The next Scott is being bulled around by smaller and less talented defensive linemen. Maddeningly inconsistent was my term of the week.  Seeing reps at both right and the left side should help Scott's stock a bit coming out of the week.   Once an NFL offensive line coach gets his hands on Scott on a daily basis he could be a steal because of his athleticism, size, and overall potential.
Albert Toeaina OL Tennessee 6047 338 10 3/4 32 7/8

Weigh-In Notes:  Wide, thick upper body and well proportioned.

Monday Practice Notes:  Corrected by the staff at one point for playing too high as well as setting up too deep in his pass set.  Did show some athleticism when beaten by a defender but recovered to run said defender off.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  The epitome of a "drive blocker".  Plays with too much weight forward, but does use it to his advantage when asked to drive defenders of the ball.    Also comes off the ball hard with a strong punch in pass protection.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Improved today in practice.   Looked more athletic in his pass set than seen earlier in the week.  Overall he struggled with countering moves in his pass set and is athletically limited at the position.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Struggled in pass blocking giving up a couple practice sacks as a result of not getting enough width on his kick step.
Analysis:  Athletically limited tackle prospect, who would be better served to move down inside to guard.  Strong drive blocker in the run game, but struggled pass blocking during the week.   Entered the week as a late round prospect, and remained one.
Eric Winston OL Miami-Fl 6063 302 9 1/8 32 1/4

Weigh-In Notes:  Long, slender, looks like a TE and needs more muscle development.

Monday Practice Notes:  Bit of a surprise today, actually showing some of that first round talent.  There should still be some worries about how deep a set he can get, and how well he can handle speed rushers with his knee.   Faster rushers gave him some slight trouble, but Winston was able to recover to run them off.   Overall, Winston was never beaten in this area.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  The question about his lateral quickness overall in his pass set became reality today.  Winston was beat multiple times clean by a quicker Manny Lawson.  Outside of that, it was quite a good day for Eric.  He was aggressive and played with a low pad level.  Showed enough quickness to get to the second level.  Consistently kept his feet pumping driving off defenders.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Struggled with his footwork in his pass set all day.  His kick step is not very deep and as such it is harder for him to deal with speed rushers.   Even showed a more lateral kick step, than getting depth, and was corrected on the mistake.  Outside of this one technically aspect, Winston looked athletic, especially in zone blocking.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Very solid day.  Smooth pass set, great timing with his hands, and got better extension with his arms.
Analysis:  Outside of top ten pick, D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Winston was the most consistent offensive linemen in Mobile, even improving in a few areas as the week went along.   His handwork was very good as the week progressed.  Showed flashes of the athleticism which at one time would have considered him a top fifteen pick last year.   His one problem all week was with his kick step and not being able to keep up with speed rushers.   Strong enough week to possibly sneak back into the first round.
Mark Anderson DL Alabama 6037 254 9 3/8 33 1/4

Weigh-In Notes:  V-shape and cut.

Monday Practice Notes:  Showed nice burst off the edge as well as a couple nice pass rush moves.   The best was a beautifully executed push/pull to get past Marcus McNeill.   Anderson overall was quick off the edge but showed more strength at the point of attack than expected.  Also received a few reps at linebacker today (the only ‘tweener' prospect on the South side to do so) showing a competence at jamming the tight end off the line.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Continues to show he is stronger than expected at his size.  Constantly attacks blocks with authority.  Can be overwhelmed at the point of attack but counters with solid hand play. 
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Very solid day overall.  Anderson continued to play with a good pad level.   One pass rush in particular, he displayed a textbook spin which left the offensive tackle blocking nothing but air.   During the team session, Anderson further displayed his pass rush skills registering a practice sack   His athleticism came apparent when he recognized a boot and kept up step for step with tight end prospect, Marcedes Lewis, in the flat.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Showed a positive tendency to swat hands often and effectively.
Analysis:  Solid and productive week for Anderson overall.   Showed potential in all areas of his game, especially apt using his hands. Quick off the edge with some pass rush moves.   Stronger than his listed size and was able to control larger lineman.  A solid mid round prospect who has potential for growth as either a 43 defensive end or as a 34 outside linebacker.
Brodrick Bunkley DL Florida State 6023 300 9 7/8 33 3/4

Weigh-In Notes:  Looked like a monster- 300lbs with no fat.

Monday Practice Notes:  Clearly the best defensive player on the field of the South squad.  Showed fantastic penetration usually by blowing his offensive linemen off the ball.   His quickness forced a fumble on a snap as well as registering the only "sack" of the day. 
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Yesterday's South defensives star came down to earth today.  Still a very solid and productive day on Bunkley's half.  Has a very nice combination of strength and quickness.   His strength was highlighted with a hump move throwing a 320 lbs. guard to the ground.  His quickness can get him in trouble at times.  For example, Bunkley was driven two or three yards down the line on a simple downblock by the offensive tackle because he was trying to shoot the gap.    But when asked to take on a straight double team, not an inch was given.   One double team in particular were against the mammoth Max Jean-Gilles and Mike Degory, and Bunkley was not budged.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Did not practice due to injury.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Back in practice today seeing reps as both a 1 and 3 technique.  Needed to work harder against the blocks today.  Showed quick underneath moves in his pass rush.  ALWAYS hustled on every single play.
Analysis:  May have helped himself more than any player during the week.  So impressive physically, Bunkley showed not only strength at the point of attack but explosion off the line.  His injury mid way through the week did not even hamper his impressive performance. Bunkley came in as a first round fringe prospect, but solidified himself as a opening round prospect.
Elvis Dumervil DL Louisville 5112 258 9 1/8 32 3/4

Weigh-In Notes:  Thick upper body with solid tone.

Monday Practice Notes:  Disappointing first day.  Dumervil was ineffective both against the run and the pass.   His assortment of pass rush moves were stoned all day, never beating a lineman cleanly once.  His one play of the day was surprisingly against the run as he beat his opposing lineman across the fact to make one play in the backfield.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  The question of speed off the edge has to be brought up.  Dumervil appears to lack any.  His pass rush attempts to this point in the week have been non effective.  His biggest play today was actually against the run as he showed the ability to work across the face of a block and make a tackle for a loss.  When double teamed though, he becomes completely engulfed.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Continuously engulfed at the point of attack. The tight ends had no problem blocking Dumervil one on one.   Even continued to struggle in his pass rush, only once freeing himself up to get to the quarterback. 
Thursday Practice Notes:  Struggled again today and was a non-factor.   Easily blocked by tight ends one-on-one again today.
Analysis:  Came into the week with something to prove and fell flat.  Dumervil followed up a weak performance in his team's bowl game with a bad week in Mobile.   Did not show enough speed off the edge or moves to make up for his lack of closing speed off the edge.   Continuously engulfed at the point of attack.  Should be plummeting down draft boards.
Parys Haralson DL Tennessee 6007 250 9 7/8 34 1/8

Weigh-In Notes:  Linebacker-type build.

Monday Practice Notes:  A bit of a surprise on the first day, as one of the defensive line's better performers.   Haralson showed very nice quickness of the edge, culminating beautifully in a spin move which completely befuddled the opposing lineman. 
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Continues to show quickness off the edge.  An attribute which has been becoming apparent as a couple practices have gone by is his recognition.  Haralson does a very good job recognizes plays and the appropriate reactions.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Even at his size was very impressive against the run today.   On multiple occasion Haralson worked his way across the face to the tackle to extend the play.  Plays quick and low.   Even stepped up as a 1 technique in pass rush drills.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Not very stout against double teams.  Did register a practice sack on an underneath move.
Analysis:  A very polished product.   Haralson impressed scouts in attendance.  Quick off the edge, with a variety of pass rush moves; but because of his size Haralson will likely have to move to the linebacker position.  
Orien Harris DL Miami-Fl 6030 302 11 1/8 33 1/8

Weigh-In Notes:  Thick with a little flab.  Solid tone.

Monday Practice Notes:  Showed a tendency to slow down to complete pass rush moves.  Does come off the ball low and strongly. When just asked to shoot the gap, then Orien showed nice quickness off the ball, beating a few offensive lineman at the snap.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  First half of the practice, Harris was quiet.   Stoned on every single attempt he tried in both the running and passing games.  Definitely has trouble getting off blocks.   When he started to use his quickness to his advantage then he began to make a play or to, even registering a practice sack.
Wednesday Practice Notes:
Thursday Practice Notes:  Received reps as both a 1 and 3 technique.   Continued to show an inability to get off blocks.
Analysis:  Showcased some potential, but is still very raw.   Struggled greatly getting off blocks and taking on double teams, but does play with a low pad level and displays some explosiveness.   Received reps at both the 3 and 1 techniques which showed some versatility.   Harris had an average week but showed flashes.
Manny Lawson DL North Carolina State 6050 240 9 3/4 35 3/4

Weigh-In Notes:  Cut and well built....not much room for a lot of growth.

Monday Practice Notes:  The most athletic player along the defensive front here in Mobile. His drops in punt protection were VERY smooth and could give an indication as to his comfortability as possible linebacker. Explosive off the line.  Does a great job getting across the face of lineman on all downblocks which leads him to make more than his share of plays in the running game.  Uses his hands effectively.   One point even showed his strength by blowing Marcus McNeill into the backfield on a bulrush.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Speed, speed, and more speed.   Lawson registered two practice sacks using nothing by his explosiveness off the edge.   No pass rush moves, just blew right past the left tackle. Another example would be when Lawson was not ready for one play, actually was still on a knee, the lineman came off the ball on a zone block, and Lawson got off the knee to stop the back five yards in the backfield Also uses his hands very well which is underrated on the defensive line side of things.    The one knock for the day was that he allowed himself to be hooked at one point by the offensive tackle.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Quickly becoming apparent one of Lawson's strengths is his recognition.  By recognizing a screen and reacting to it, Lawson picked off a pass.   Later in practice Lawson was not fooled by any boot actions.  He recognizes blocks and scrapes hard down the line of scrimmage.  What a lot of scouts will love is his hustle on and off the field.  Manny continues runs on and off the field.  Also displays a nasty streak to his game.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Praised for taking good angles out of the backfield to make plays.  Pass rush was inconsistent today.   One case he needed to pick and move and sell it, but did not.   The next pass rush he set up a beautiful underneath move.   Registered another practice sack.
Analysis:  Obviously impressed scouts all week with both his athleticism and ability on the field.   Lawson was clearly the most athletic defensive lineman on the field all week.   Possesses a great first step and speed off the edge to be a top sack man at the next level.   Answered questions about his ability against the run by working his way down the line effectively, play recognition, and standing up larger offensive lineman.   Clearly locked in as a first round prospect.
Jesse Mahelona DL Tennessee 600 311 9 32

Weigh-In Notes:  Underdeveloped with a spare tire.

Monday Practice Notes:  Plays low.  TOO low.  Had trouble keeping his feet all afternoon.  Pad level will never come into question.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Pad level will never be in question with this prospect.  What is worrisome is the fact Mahelona is constantly knocked off his feet because of his low pad level.  A couple of the lineman simple pancaked him by riding his back.  What Mahelona does show is fantastic quickness off the ball.  He exemplified this quickness with a couple quick pass rush moves which gave him a free run at the quarterback.   Not only does he have that quickness, but more importantly, he finishes his pass rush moves.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Needs to recognize blocks and fight against them appropriately.   Does show great quickness and can be a disruptive force.   Surprisingly has a nice assortment of moves in his pass rush.   Does need to watch the ball and stop jumping offsides.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Continued penetration and disruption in the backfield again today.
Analysis:  Disruptive and explosive off the line.   A presence up front because of his ability to cause havoc in the backfield.   All of this is a result of his pad level, which at times can be too low.  At the beginning of the week, his low pad level worked against him as he was often rode into the ground.   As the week progressed Mahelona was more and more of the type of force which was seen the past two years in Tennessee.
Kamerion Wimbley DL Florida State 6033 245 10 1/2 34 1/4

Weigh-In Notes:  Wide and well built.  Skin-tight mucles.

Monday Practice Notes:  One of the more flexible players during stretching.  At one pointed destroyed Jon Scott by literally putting him on his backside.  Did show a tendency to attempt too many pass rush moves, thus rendering him ineffective.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Possesses nice quickness off the edge.   Even showed good recognition by not losing contain on bootlegs.  Has a tendency to be engulfed by bigger tackles and then compounds the problem by not being able to get off the block.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Very quick off the snap and shown nice counters in his pass rush.   Registered a practice sack by properly swatting an offensive lineman's hands.   Struggles greatly when a lineman gets his hands on him though.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Had some trouble in his pass rush today.   Often took too wide a route to the quarterback and did not show many moves.  Does redeem these facts by using his hands well.
Analysis:  Inconsistency was the word of the week for Wimbley.  Showed flashes of raw physical talent with pass rushing ability.   Used his hands better than most down in Mobile.  Quick off the edge.   But at times was indecisive with his pass rush moves.   Ability in the run game there is not as much upside and Wimbley might see some time as a linebacker at the next level.
Kyle Williams DT LSU 6010 295 9 3/8 31 1/4

Weigh-In Notes:  No definition at all.

Monday Practice Notes:  Technically sound as a one technique.  Did show more than being the a "lunch pail" type player as he displayed quite a few moves to free himself up to make plays. 
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Showed a nice ability to stay flat down the line in pursuit thus making a couple tackles on running back cutbacks.  The most impressive part of his play is the ability to stand up a lineman and then get off the block.  Williams clearly knows how to play the position well.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Continues to show great hustle on the field.  Works across the face of opposing blockers.   Always keeps working down the line of scrimmage.  Shows a nice aptitude with pass rush moves and counters.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Reps at both the 1 and 3 technique.  Can get off blocks as well as any linemen down here in Mobile.   Even showed nice recognition on screens and draws.
Analysis:  A player who obviously knows the intricacies of his position.   Williams is a workmanlike player who surprised with his ability to pass the rusher.   His abilities to get off the block consistently, recognition of the play in front of him, along with his hustle makes him a solid defensive tackle prospect who will find a sport on some NFL roster.
Spencer Havner LB UCLA 6027 239 10 3/8 33 3/4

Weigh-In Notes:  Slender with minimal tone.

Monday Practice Notes:  Not as comfortable dropping back in pass protection, but showed an ability to slink through traffic to make tackles in the running game.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Displayed terrific football intelligence and the ability to diagnose the action.  Tough as nails and worked to throw his pad into the fray.  Does not display great range on the field.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Did a great job quarterbacking the defense and making the calls.  Scraped well in the box and forcefully moved up field in run defense.  Showed a bad tendency of over-running plays and taking himself out of the action.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Looked solid in no pads.  Good change of direction and showed continued intensity.
Analysis:  Overall a solid week for Havner.  Showed both intelligence and intensity throughout the practice sessions.  Needs to play under better control but answered some questions here.
Thomas Howard LB UTEP 6027 234 10 1/4 32 3/4

Weigh-In Notes:  Stout and well built.

Monday Practice Notes:  Consistently plays too high.   His playing speed should be brought into question as well.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Looked good all day.  Very explosive and quick.  Did a fine job using his hands to protect himself or get off blocks.  Mirrored tight ends all day in coverage and showed good skill making plays in reverse.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Not as active as yesterday yet still a very good outing.  Can pedal, turn and run with opponents in coverage.  Breaks down well and was never off his feet.  Terrific quickness and speed in all aspects of his game.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Looked very quick and explosive.  Played with excellent body control and balance.
Analysis:  One of the more underrated performers of the week, Howard really helped himself and looked terrific on the outside.  Solidified himself as a top 70 pick. 
Freddie Roach LB Alabama 6015 255 8 7/8 32

Weigh-In Notes:  No tone....thick with potential.

Monday Practice Notes:  Was corrected on playing too high.   Lost his gap responsibilities on multiple running plays.  Does approach the game with a hard nose attitude by aggressively taking on offensive lineman play after play.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Looks and plays like a two down defender.  Fast up the field and hard hitting but commits to the run early and gets caught out of position.  Struggled making any plays in reverse and very stiff in coverage.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Showed a good head in run defense and terrific in the box.  Defeated several blocks on his way to the action.   Not fast to the sidelines and showed minimal skill in coverage.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Again, effective in the box but had trouble in space.
Analysis:  Roach has some limitations to his game, no doubt.  But a 3-4 team looking for a run thumping linebacker had to like what they saw out of him.  40-time at the combine is critical for Roach.
DeMeco Ryans LB Alabama 6011 229 8 5/8 32 1/8

Weigh-In Notes:  Rock solid.

Monday Practice Notes:  Arguably the most disappointing during the South squad practice today.   Ryans was constantly badgered by 49er linebacker coach, the great Mike Singletary.   Some of the quotes were; "You're thinking too much!" "You're slow to every play." "We have to get you to the ball!"   His pass drops were a little better, but not much.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Outstanding cover linebacker who displayed tremendous range, and covers great amounts of area on the field.  Easily stayed with tight ends or backs down the field.  Struggled in run defense and was easily slowed at the point by blocks.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Once again looked great in coverage.  Placed over the slot receiver several times and easily stayed step-for-step with them downfield.  Showed some chipiness to his game today. Cannot get off blocks and had difficulty defending the run in the box.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Did well in coverage though he got beat bad by Addai on one play.
Analysis:  One of the faster/quicker linebackers in attendance, Ryans was as good as any weakside linebacker in attendance.  Showed himself strictly to be a one-gap defender and though good, did not excite enough to make anyone think he is a top 12 pick.
Gerris Wilkinson LB Georgia Tech 6026 234 10 1/8 34 1/2

Weigh-In Notes:  Big upper body.

Monday Practice Notes: No explosiveness whatsoever.  Coach Singletary was on Wilkerson quite a bit as well, especially the little things like setting the huddle properly.  Often took bad angles to the play.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Tough, physical run defender who exploded up the field and worked hard to make plays in the box.  That said his coverage skills are significantly lacking as he struggles in reverse or out to the flanks.  Showed some toughness as after going down with an injury he forced his way back into the line-up.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Looked great against the run.  Not only explosive up the field but also slides and scrapes laterally to make plays.  And again, struggled mightily in coverage.  Very slow off the line and tends to turn and trail opponents rather than backpedal and transition turning his hips.
Thursday Practice Notes:
Analysis:  Intense all week, Wilkinson played well against the run every day.  Does have limitations in coverage and will need a lot of work for any team who projects him to the weakside.
Travis Williams LB Auburn 5114 217 8 3/8 31 7/8

Weigh-In Notes:  Thin but built well for his ht\wt.

Monday Practice Notes:  Did not stick his nose up into the play today.  Playing at outside linebacker currently.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Very inconsistent session.  His athleticism and speed was obvious as was the ability to make plays in any direction.  Was used at middle linebacker and struggled defending the run.  Then was placed on the outside and showed a lot of hesitation in coverage.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Much the same for Williams.  Showed terrific athleticism, quickness and footwork, covering great amounts of area on the field.  Yet not instinctive, slow to react and late arriving to the play.  Used at both middle and outside today.
Thursday Practice Notes:
Analysis:  Athletically, Williams is very impressive displaying speed and explosion.  That was countered by a lack of instincts which resulted in Williams being out of position on plays or worse yet, slowing down and thinking about what had to be done.
Greg Blue DB Georgia 6017 220 8 1/2 33 1/4

Weigh-In Notes:  Well built with thick, muscular upper body.

Monday Practice Notes:  Good depth from the safety position.  Explodes from his backpedal towards the ball.  Not as good laterally and had trouble covering tight ends on crossing routes.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Plants well and drives towards the ball. Moved better than the previous day and more comfortable in pads. Played smart and to his responsibility. Was praised several times but did have a tough time keeping up with Mercedes Lewis.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Too concerned with the bump at the line in pass coverage. Cheats on his drops and has to make up ground quickly to compensate. Reads the quarterback's eyes but loses responsibility as a result.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Shows solid footwork and decent cover techniques in drills but had trouble reacting and changing direction in scrimmage.
Analysis:  Struggled over the tight end and was especially weak on crossing routes. Played well when looking at the quarterback and showed solid run support.
Cedric Griffin DB Texas 6001 192 9 1/4 33

Weigh-In Notes:  Slender and needs toning.

Monday Practice Notes:  Displayed solid break on the ball with good closing speed but
has a tough time staying on his man.  Plays better with the ball in front of him.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Did not show good lateral movement. Missed several assignments that resulted in easy completions. Gives receivers a lot of room but displayed some closing speed.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Progressed from day one. Showed tight coverage throughout the day and was excellent covering the slot. He was praised several times but will, at times, not finish the play.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Struggled when his back was to the ball yet made plays facing the action.  Good footwork and techniques.
Analysis:  Did not look good in zone and his best coverage came when he covered the slot. Progressed with responsibility as the week went on.
Roman Harper DB Alabama 5116 194 9 33 1/8

Weigh-In Notes:  Tone and thick.

Monday Practice Notes:  Reads the eyes of the receiver and is tight on the ball.  Will look back or put a hand up.  Too much depth on his dropbacks make him slow to recover in run support.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Sets up high and has a tough time cutting quickly. Worked well in supporting the run and will fight through traffic to find the ball carrier.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Reacts well to when facing the ball. Drops back early to gain depth but does not show explosion to be in position to make a play. Showed better pass coverage with a short field and read the plays well without as much area to cover.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Fluid in all movements and moved well laterally.
Analysis:  Moves backwards before the snap, making run support weak. Pass coverage was effective in shorter fields when he could sit at the snap. Moves well laterally.
Marcus Hudson DB North Carolina St        

Weigh-In Notes:

Monday Practice Notes:  Sticks to his man tight and is very physical at the line.  Displays a nice smooth backpedal and transition.  Does not look for the ball and missed an easy interception.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Fundamentally sound. Does not take any unnecessary steps. Gets caught up in trying to jam the receiver at the line. Stayed square as practice wore on and finished strong after some early struggles. Intercepted a pass late in the session.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Lined up at safety. Had trouble with run recognition and was slow out of his backpedal. Could not transition laterally. His session ended early after he twisted an ankle.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Limped around the field and had a major hitch in his walk.
Analysis:  Slow off the line when he tries to bump the receiver. Consistent backpedal and moved to safety for one practice. A calf injury ended his week early.
Tim Jennings DB Georgia 5077 178 9 1/4 30

Weigh-In Notes:  Needs more weight work.

Monday Practice Notes:  Gets turned around on double moves with him being overaggressive.  He tended to force outside coverage and when that failed would get beat.  Didn't explode to the ball.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Locates the ball well while it is in the air but he is not in position to make a play, drifting off the receiver. Shows good speed to stay with his man.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Stayed under control and did not fall for jukes from the receivers. Progressed from day one. Had better coverage in shorter fields.
Thursday Practice Notes:
Analysis:  Responded to coaching after struggling early on and forcing coverage to unmanned zones. Showed speed to turn and run but does not locate the ball when it is in the air.
Kelly Jennings DB Miami-Fl 5105 171 9 32 3/4

Weigh-In Notes:  Cut and well built.

Monday Practice Notes:  Puts himself in good position to make a play on the ball.  Does not take the right angles when closing that gap.  Does a good job of forcing the action to where his help is.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Good technician - very fluid in his change of direction. Stops on a dime and shows good recovery skills. Will bite on double moves with his aggressive mentality. Rolled his ankle late in the session.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Knowledge of his position and the coverages is evident. Plays to his responsibility and reads the receivers feet well. Had trouble with lateral movement today, perhaps due to the ankle he rolled on Tuesday.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Looked good, displaying a nice break to the ball and willingness to mix it up.  Had trouble going up against the bigger wide outs.
Analysis:  Bounces in his backpedal and does not keep it consistent. Fluid when changing direction, good positioning and understands his responsibilities and where his help is. Lateral movement was hindered by an ankle injury early in the week. Overall, upped his status.
Demario Minter DB Georgia 5110 189 8 3/8 32 1/2

Weigh-In Notes:  Minimal muscle tone and upper body.

Monday Practice Notes:  Doesn't drive towards the ball.  It makes you wonder if his
knee surgery is still affecting him.  He will cheat on the backpedal
which causes him to cover more ground on the short routes.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Takes extra steps in his drops. Does not attack the ball when it hits the air and plays the receiver more than the ball. Plays well to his responsibility in zone and protects his zone.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Lined up at safety for the majority of practice because the squad was down a player. Looked natural at a position he has not played. Read the plays well and showed solid instincts. Also played cornerback in goal line and performed well.
Thursday Practice Notes:
Analysis:  Seemed more natural playing safety than cornerback. Struggled off the ball and was not fluid in turning to run with the receiver. Bounces in his backpedal and crosses his feet during lateral shuffle.
Pat Watkins DB Florida State 6042 205 10 3/8 34 1/4

Weigh-In Notes:  Small upper body.

Monday Practice Notes:  Plays high which makes his backpedal awkward.  Caught in limbo several times with responsibility when the tight end stayed in to block in passing downs.  Vocal on the field.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Not precise in changing direction, often dropping a hand to the ground to maintain balance. Works hard to make up for deficiencies and displayed better skills in zone with responsibility and playing with his face to the ball.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Has trouble reading a receiver's movement and does not have make up speed. Was stronger in run support but got struggled shedding blocks.
Thursday Practice Notes:  Displayed some quickness and explosion.  Has a lot of suddenness to his game.
Analysis:  Glad the week is over. Struggled changing direction, taking extra steps, and played off-balance. Stands up high which makes him lack explosion.
Stephen Gostkowski K Memphis 6007 214 9 1/8 31

Weigh-In Notes:

Monday Practice Notes:
Tuesday Practice Notes: Didn't have a big leg and field goals were fluttering through the posts from 35-yards.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Showed a stronger leg today, though he was kicking with a strong wind for the most part.  Drilled some practice field goals from 50-yds.  Consistently put his kick-offs five yards into the end zone on special teams drills.
Thursday Practice Notes:
Analysis:  Did enough to get some consideration as a free agent.
Thomas Olmsted P Troy State 6033 212    

Weigh-In Notes:

Monday Practice Notes:
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Was booting them between 50-60 yards in practice.  Does not get as much hang time as Torp of the North squad and very slow getting the ball off his foot.
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Got much better hang time on his punts and seemed to get the ball off his foot much cleaner.
Thursday Practice Notes:
Analysis:  While the practices are usually most important, Olmstead must show in the game he can quickly get the ball off his foot.

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