Quotables: NC State

Coral Gables, FL -- NC State players and head coach Herb Sendek met with the media following the win over Miami. Here is a sampler of what they had to say.

Herb Sendek
"It was another one of those games where it's difficult to call anyone the losers. The young men on both teams played with great determination, grit and heart. Miami is an excellent basketball team. It is so difficult to defend because they are so talented."

"Both teams were winners with the way those young men competed."

"I was really proud of the way we responded in the first and second overtimes after the way Miami fought back and tied the game in regulation. It showed tremendous heart."

"The one thing that allowed us to persevere is we had excellent free throw shooting tonight. We just went to the line with great poise and composure and it allowed us to keep scoring. We have great confidence in our guys when they go to the stripe. It's not easy to do all the time. It's different in OT and on the road."

"It was just a hard fought game. We continued to execute our offense well."

"Our guys really stayed with it tonight. They are athletic and strong and did a good job of mixing their defenses."

"You could always play the what if game. Each side with key possessions here and there."

"There is so much parity in our conference. If there are six games, five of them are coming down to the last possession. Our guys were taking good shots. When you are taking good shots, that's not fools gold."

"Frank did a good job of changing defenses and mixing things up. They are a good team. They are athletic and versatile. We had as much trouble down on the other end. They were scoring so fast on some possessions that time was being added to the clock rather than coming off the clock."

Cameron Bennerman
"For some reason lately we've been having to come down to the wire. Either that's saying we've got some work to do, or that teams are getting better and also it's showing that we have heart."

"Miami is a great team. I've never played against a quicker player than Diaz, with his initial quick step. They stayed in the game, we stayed in the game and we toughed it out, our conditioning really helped us out in the later parts of the overtime and we came out victorious."

"We knew a run was coming from them and Hite really kept them in that game with those threes. It was an emotional roller coaster, they had their highs, we had our highs."

"I think some games in the past we may have lost our focus and let teams back in. Miami forced their way back in, we didn't get rattled or nervous or anything like that, we've got experienced guys."

Ilian Evtimov
"Obviously, Miami is very dangerous, for most the game we kept their guards under control, but at the end of the game, their guards just took over, started penetrating creating fouls, making unbelievable threes, it was going their way. We had our run for 30 minutes and they had theirs for 10."

"I think we had nine threes at halftime. I'm sure that coach Haith at halftime made adjustments not to give us as many threes, because that's how we were winning at that point, and I think in the second half we found different ways to score – low posts, backdoor cuts, fouls."

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