Kevin McCabe (QB)

TSW Profiles one of the top QBs in Pennsylvania.

Name: Kevin McCabe
Position: Quarterback
Hometown: Gibsonia, PA
High School: (Pine-Richland High School)
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 205
Speed: 4.9
School Preferences: Michigan, NC State, Penn State, Virginia, West Virginia, LSU, Iowa, Georgia Tech

TSW Bullet Points:

  • 80 of 131 for 1,053 yards
  • 13 touchdowns and 4 interceptions
  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Fabulous 22

    Update - June 6, 2002:
    (Steve Curry *
    "It's starting to pick up now a little bit," Kevin said last night. "I just got 2 new offers. I have offers from Michigan, Michigan State, Boston College, Penn State, Virginia, West Virginia, LSU, NC State and Iowa. Georgia Tech is coming pretty close too. Indiana and Syracuse, those 2 teams basically said that they are going to offer. Miami is getting kind of close too."

    "I went to that Metro Index Camp up at the UPMC Sports Complex last week. It's like a camp for the top local players. There were 2 sessions for 4 days, but I could only make it down for one day. Purdue was down there and they were really, really impressed by the way I was throwing and they said they are going to contact me pretty soon. They said I'm pretty high on their list right now."

    Kevin has quite a few favorites.

    "I have like a top 5 or 6. It would consist of Virginia, Michigan and Michigan State. Penn State's in there. Penn State kind of faded out a little bit because I haven't heard too much from them, but they just called last week and said I'm still one of their top 3 quarterbacks so I guess they're back in the mix. LSU is definitely right there at the top with Virginia.

    "Iowa could be in the top 5 or 6 too. I was also really impressed with Georgia Tech and they could easily jump into the top 4. Their coach came up here and visited me about 2 weeks ago and he said that so far he's been around from California to Florida and he said that I was the best quarterback they saw. Chan Gailey is the coach now and I think it would be a good fit to go down there and play at Georgia Tech.

    "I'm going to keep an open mind about everybody who's really interested in me right now. It's still early. I thought that I was going to narrow it down, but it keeps getting crazier and crazier."

    Scouting Report - June 6, 2002:
    (Steve Curry *
    Kevin McCabe was the only underclassmen selected as part of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Fabulous 22. He is one of the best quarterback prospects in the state of Pennsylvania and has already been hearing from major Division I schools. "Penn State keeps pretty good contact with me," Kevin said, "and Virginia. Those are 2 offers for sure right now. West Virginia is coming pretty close [to offering].

    "West Virginia told me that they're really interested in me. They want to get a pocket quarterback and they're looking at me pretty hard. Arizona State and Michigan are some other schools interested. I have four or five schools that are really interested."

    Penn State and Virginia have both given Kevin a verbal scholarship offer. "They told me that it's on the table for you whenever you want it, it's here for you. Michigan said they're going to start recruiting pretty hard."

    Kevin has attracted a lot of attention despite missing parts of three games during his junior season as a result of an ankle injury. "The ankle is fine now. It doesn't even bother me at all. I was 80 of 131 for 1,053 yards. I threw 13 touchdowns and 4 interceptions." Kevin said.

    Kevin is the prototypical pocket passer and explained his abilities this way, "I'm not fast by any means. I'll be the first to admit it. But, I pick it up in quickness with my feet during my drop. I have really good quickness in the pocket. The 40-time is really overrated in my opinion if you have a really good pocket presence."

    Kevin's right arm is his greatest weapon. "Last year at a Virginia camp, I threw one 70 yards to Marcus Vick. We were on the same 7-on-7 team" said Kevin, "He went to wide-receiver and ran a down, out and up. I just launched one, just threw it to him. I threw it almost 70 yards." Kevin attended camps last year at Virginia, Penn State and Pittsburgh.

    His father, Joe McCabe, played tight-end for Penn State from 1973 to 1976. "He's a Penn State fan, but it's not like he wants me to lean towards Penn State or anything like that. He wants me to make the best decision for me and go wherever I want to go. If I go to Penn State, that's great" said Kevin.

    Kevin plans to make several unofficial visits this year. "I might do a circuit of trips to Michigan, Purdue and Notre Dame, because they're all in the same vicinity. If I can't, I think I'm just going to visit Michigan because they're recruiting me the hardest."

    The young quarterback realizes the importance of his decision. "This is a big decision, this is my life, I don't want to rush it. It's more than just football."

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