Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

Wolfpack players met with the media tonight following the loss to Wake Forest.

Gavin Grant (1:16)

"We didn't have anybody like that today. He's a big spark for us and we didn't have that today."

"We're going to get our guys back, and we should be ready to go."

"When I first got my nose broken I was numb to it, but after I came back out I was just a little upset."

Cedric Simmons (1:31)

"Everyone just has to take it up a notch."

"We've known all week I guess. He's a big part of our team."

"It's their last game here so guys are going to come out [pumped] up. That's not an excuse for our loss though."

Ilian Evtimov (2:09)

"Every game matters. I try to contribute and help the team."

"We've been healthy all year. Sooner or later bad luck... Cam's been doing a lot of rehab because we need him for the tournament. He knows that and I'm pretty confident he's going to be ready to go by Friday."

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