PC: Sendek Talks ACC Tourney

RALEIGH, NC -- NCSU head coach Herb Sendek met with the media to discuss the upcoming ACC Tournament. Here is a sampler of what he had to say.

Herb Sendek (12:54)

"Cam went for about 30 minutes yesterday during the warm-up phase, skill part of our practice. He's going to try and do more today."

"I think Ilian's situation is one that we probably have to manage the best that we can."

"He's so tough-minded, he's had to deal with injuries seemingly his whole career."

"We had a very spirited, energetic, intense practice."

"You want to be playing well, but how do you ever know when the momentum is going to turn?"

"We have in fact for the last three years had starting players suffer injuries. There's no good explanation for why it's happened."

"I have confidence in them."

"RPI, I think, is simply one of many measures. Winning 10 games in this conference, 21 games overall with some of the quality wins we've had I think puts us in a pretty good position."

"If we get to a day when 10 wins in the ACC doesn't get you in the tournament, that will be certainly an eye-opening moment."

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