850 The Buzz: Fowler Talks With Gold

NC State AD Lee Fowler was on 850 the Buzz to discuss NCSU's NCAA bid today. Here is audio and a sampler of what Fowler had to say.

850 The Buzz: Lee Fowler Interview (17:19)

"It's about getting into the tournament... if you're Florida State or Maryland today, they don't have an opportunity to go for the national championship."

"We know that this team is capable of playing well enough to beat the best teams in the country, so we're excited about being in. Our fifth time in five years and that puts us in a pretty elite group."

"Anything can happen after you get in. If you get lightning in a bottle you can go a long way in this tournament and have a chance to win it so we are very excited to have the opportunity."

"Well I think the BC loss probably, and maybe a little bit with North Carolina and the margin of victory, but the BC loss, I think they lost their confidence and when kids lose their confidence it is not an easy thing to get back."

"We've got the greatest kids in the world. There is nobody more upset about it and feel like they have disappointed more people than the kids are. To be in the locker room after the games, it's rather amazing how good a group of kids we have. Kids that want to win and believe it or not they want to win worse than the fans want them to win and so it's just a great group of kids to be around. They are a credit to the university and really a class group of guys."

"The good news is even in the Wake game we had 52 points in the second half, you just can't score 20 in a half and have a chance to win."

"I think everybody is frustrated. I think as you start seasons you have certain expectations for your team. As your season goes along they either go up or down. I think we had a great run through 21 games and everybody's expectations and anticipations was of second place in the league... we finished fourth."

"I think that sometimes we, I do it, you start looking ahead and start trying to decide what is about to happen and what the future is going to bring and you talk yourself into things that are a lot worse off than they are or a lot better than you think they are. I think that's something that fans have their perogative to do, and some fans go a lot further in that direction than others do."

"I think [the program] is moving in the upward direction. I'd like it to be quicker as some fans would, but i still think there has been progress every year, our recruiting classes get better every year. I think the kids that are coming in here do a better job dealing with the academics at NC State than they did four or five years ago. Like I said, there are only 16 teams that have been in this tournament five years in a row and that is pretty special. I think that says volumes about where the program has come from when Herb got here and the last five years where he has gotten it."

"Everybody goes through down streaks. It doesn't mean to throw the baby out with the bath water, but I can understand everybody's frustrations."

"There is definitely a group out there that is not happy, and I understand with the last four games, even though we saw how good Boston College was. This conversation, some of it wouldn't be taking place if we'd make a shot against BC and beat them because we all know at this point, if you didn't know before, how great a team that basketball team is."

"I know our fans want to beat North Carolina worse than they want to beat anybody, and that is an issue that we've got to come to grips with and win. We understand that and always have, and probably need to voice it better. We're not idiots sitting over here and not understanding that that is our biggest rivalry and we want to beat them in all sports. Chuck understands that, Kay understands that, and Herb understands that."

"[Herb] is a guy that thinks that if you get too high for a game and get disappointed, you may lose three games in a row like we've just done. A lot of times the things that Herb says to the public is for his team's benefit as much as it is for the public benefit. I can assure you Herb Sendek knows how important it is to beat North Carolina and Duke. He also feels like talking to his team about playing at a level all year long, the same level, not getting too high for one game and down for the next game. That's just kind of about the way he is. That's just how he tries to show the same face on the sideline, which people don't like."

"You also know that Herb Sendek can be very fiery... He's got an unbelievable fire in him that he shows to his kids in private, but he doesn't believe that you embarrass anybody in public and he really doesn't believe that you get out and rant and rave on the court. That's just not his philosophy. He tries to have a calm on the sidelines. I know that some people are offended by that, but I think the other people appreciate that."

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