Wright Back On The Market

Washington (D.C.) St. John's Prep star point guard Chris Wright has decided to open back up his recruitment after hearing Herb Sendek is headed to Arizona State.

Washington (D.C.) St. John's Prep star point guard Chris Wright has decided to open back up his recruitment after hearing Herb Sendek is headed to Arizona State.

Wright committed to NC State in January, the first pledge in the class of 2007. The process is simple for Wright and much different than the Wolfpack's three '06 signees. Since Wright has not signed a letter-of-intent, he is free to reopen his recruitment and explore his options without any penalties. It sounds like he plans on doing just that.

"I talked with coach Sendek Saturday night, and he told me the news," Wright told Pack Pride. "He told me it was official that he was going to Arizona State, and I'm glad he called and told me. He didn't have to do that. I guess it was surprising, but with all the stuff going on anything is possible.

"I've opened things back up. I'm going to be fine. It's upsetting, but I've got to deal with it."

Wright has already heard from several colleges following Sendek's departure. While not completely ruling out NC State as an option, he pointed out that the Wolfpack is no longer his top priority.

Chris Wright

"I think whoever comes into NC State will have to recruit me like any other school," Wright said. "Whatever is the best situation for me, that's where I'm going to go. I'm going to weigh my options and go from there.

"Wake Forest has text messaged me a couple of times, and Georgetown has called my dad numerous times. I've heard from Virginia, and Villanova has been in contact too. I think that's about it."

Don't expect a quick decision from Wright. The five-star point guard is starting the recruiting process all over again and will enjoy his summer on the AAU circuit with Boo Williams and let his recruitment develop.

"I think I'm going to wait it out," he said. "I'm going to go through the process again and evaluate every situation like I did before. Whatever happens, happens. The recruiting process is in my hands, and I'm just going to take my time.

"There isn't any need to rush. I'm just going to go out and have fun this summer."

Wright's father, Orlando Wright, played a major role in his decision to commit to NC State. He talked with Sendek after word leaked of him leaving and believes the negativity from the fan base played a major role in his decision.

"I think it played a big role in his decision because I don't think he wanted to leave NC State," Mr. Wright said. "I think it became hard on his family. When you read or hear about your name, you want to hear good things.

"The expectations were immense, and I'm sure he felt the pressure. When he had an opportunity that helped his family, it became a no-brainer. No one wants to deal with that stuff.

"I'm happy for him and hopefully everything goes well for him."

Skip Prosser and Jay Wright

A huge fan of the Internet, Mr. Wright is a frequent visitor to various message boards, including those affiliated with NC State.

"I get on the boards," he said. "It's information, but the boards are irrelevant. It's just another form of entertainment with information stuck in between, but we mainly just see it as a form of entertainment.

"A couple of things did bother me that I read. For one, I think that it is insulting to every kid that commits to play at NC State when fans degrade or talk negatively about a recruit or the type of players that coach Sendek recruits. I hated reading how he can't recruit big-time players.

"To say that these kids are not talented, that's crap. These kids can play ball. For instance, I read how coach Sendek never could get a good point guard. What does that statement say about a kid like Chris?

"Chris can play, Brandon Costner can play, Gavin Grant, Courtney Fells, the kids they signed this year, they all can play. Who do you want? J.J. Redick and Shelden Williams?

Wright with Costner (left) and Fells (center)
"Also, the fans talking about the tradition. The tradition is a good tradition at NC State, but it's not like State has always won championships. Duke and [North] Carolina have better traditions, and that's a fact. That shouldn't be a problem though because that's not to say NC State can't be very good.

"It's similiar to how it is here in D.C. with DeMatha High. DeMatha is always very good and always will be very good, but that's not to say that St. John's isn't a good program or Chris isn't a good player. Should we be upset that he's not at DeMatha? Give me a break.

"I think State is a great place. Everything just has to be right. It was obvious there was a divided fan base."

Like Chris, Mr. Wright also said that the Wolfpack will remain in the picture, as they plan on following the coaching search conducted at NC State.

"We don't know who is going to be the coach," he said. "It might be Phil Jackson, if that's the guy it's a slam dunk for Chris. It might be Pat Riley. We really don't know who it is going to be.

"We don't know if the new coach will want Chris. Maybe he will want to go in another direction. We don't know any of that at this point.

"There's no need to talk about going anywhere. We are just going to relax. Unfortunately, it didn't go the way we hoped but that's not bad."

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