Simmons Will Evaluate His Options

Pack Pride has learned that sophomore center Cedric Simmons is evaluating his options and could put his name in the upcoming NBA Draft.

NC State Assistant Athletics Director Annabelle Vaughan confirmed that Cedric Simmons is evaluating his options at this time, but he has yet to enter his name into the draft or sign with an agent.

"The school has requested an evaluation from the NBA and that hasn't come back yet," Vaughan informed Pack Pride. "Cedric has already met with [Associate Athletics Director for Compliance] Jon Fagg, and he is evaluating all the proper channels to decide what he's going to do in the near future. He is making sure he is not doing anything that will jeopardize his eligibility.

"Cedric is looking into testing the waters, but he is not planning on signing with an agent. He is waiting on his evaluation, and he will go from there."

An anonymous NBA scout spoke with Pack Pride about Simmons, and he believes the sophomore could be a first-round pick, but he should return to NC State for another season.

"Can he be a first-round lock? Sure, if he has several good workouts," the scout stated. "He's got a lot of upside because of his length, athleticism, wingspan, and shot-blocking ability.

"However, I do think it would benefit him to spend another year in college. He could continue to develop his offensive package and would likely project much higher in the 2007 draft."

The 6-foot-9, 230-pound center averaged 11.8 points, 6.3 rebounds, and 2.5 blocks as a sophomore, earning honorable mention All-ACC honors. Simmons was also named to the 2005-06 ACC All-Defensive Team.

The deadline for players to declare for the draft is April 29. If no agent is hired, a player has until June 18 to withdraw. The NBA draft will be held June 28.

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