Staying Patient

NC State's three basketball signees can only wait as Lee Fowler searches for the Wolfpack's next head coach.

Lincroft (NJ) Christian Brothers Academy star Dan Werner is remaining patient, but admits that he is ready to find out who NC State's next head coach will be.

He did say that if I'm not happy with the new coach they would release me from my scholarship."
"I haven't heard anything," he said. "My dad talked with Mr. Fowler about two weeks ago. He just asked that we wait and see who they hire. He did say that if I'm not happy with the new coach they would release me from my scholarship."

Werner, who inked with NC State over several high-major programs and had an outstanding senior season, wants to play in Raleigh. His sister will enroll in the fall and the plan is for both of them to be at NC State.

"As of right now I'm going to be a Wolfpacker," he said. "My sister is going down there too, and there's nothing saying I'm not going to go to NC State. I just need to meet the new coach and make sure I can mesh with him over the next four years."

The 6-foot-8 forward has been following the coaching search, but has no clue who will be the Wolfpack's next head coach.

"I know they were pretty close to getting Calipari, but he decided to stay at Memphis," Werner said. "That's all I know."

Werner entered the 2005-06 season as the Wolfpack's lowest-rated recruit, but after earning New Jersey Player of the Year and Tri-State Player of the Year honors, he would be a coveted recruit if he was back on the market.

"I'm not allowed to talk to any other schools because I have signed with NC State, and that's still where I'm going right now."

Unlike Werner, Absecon (NJ) Holy Spirit standout Dennis Horner was unavailable for comment. He is in Mexico this week with his AAU coach and his family, but Horner's mother, Louanne Horner, spoke briefly with Pack Pride about the coaching search and where Dennis stands.

"He said it could be anytime. It could be tonight or it could be next week."

Mrs. Horner and her husband spoke with Lee Fowler last night.

"We did speak with Mr. Fowler this evening, and he was very reassuring," said Mrs. Horner. "He couldn't tell us anything in particular, and we understand that. He just said he's trying to do the best he can, and we should be happy with whomever he chooses.

"Mr. Fowler said he doesn't want to pick just any coach. He wants to make sure he has a good record and is going to be good with the kids. I felt good about the conversation after it was over. He said as soon as he hears and knows something he will try and notify the recruits before it's made public."

Fowler did not give a timeframe for an announcement in his conversation with the Horner family.

"He said it could be anytime," Mrs. Horner said. "It could be tonight or it could be next week. He didn't have any idea as to a timeframe. I told him I understand and would rather he take his time and find someone who will be good for the school instead of hiring someone just to have a coach."

Mrs. Horner indicated that Dennis is going to wait until a coach is in place and go from there. A major factor in his decision was the university and not just the previous coaching staff.

"Right now we're just waiting to see, and I had told Dennis that you don't pick a school mainly because of the coaches," said Mrs. Horner. "You have to like the school first and feel that you can fit wherever you go.

"We're hoping that they pick a good coach because we'd like Dennis to stay there."

Queens (NY) Christ The King guard Larry Davis hasn't talked to anybody from NC State. His parents have been in contact with Lee Fowler, and Davis is allowing his parents to handle the situation.

"I'm just taking it one day at a time. I really don't know who the new coach will be."
"I haven't talked to anybody about it yet," he said. "The last time was probably a week ago. They were just saying that they didn't know who it was going to be. They were looking at Calipari, but he didn't come.

"I haven't heard anything, just the things I've read on the Internet. I'm just taking it one day at a time. I really don't know who the new coach will be."

Unlike Horner and Werner, Davis has the ability to play in any system and his decision to stick with NC State might be easier. He just wants to meet the new Wolfpack head coach and go from there.

"I'm going to meet with the new coach and see if I can fit in the system that he runs," said Davis.

"I'm going to see who the coach is and go from there. I still plan on going to NC State."

The 6-foot-4 guard signed with NC State last November, inking with the Wolfpack over offers from Villanova, Pittsburgh, Seton Hall, and St. John's among others.

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