Quotables: Manny Lawson

NC State senior defensive end Manny Lawson met with the media after being selected No. 22 overall by San Francisco. Here is a sampler of what he had to say.

Did you see this coming; did you think you would be a 49er?
"In the beginning I was working at the Senior Bowl and some of the coaches seemed interested and I had some premonitions but then when they didn't work me out personally, and I wasn't invited there as a personality case, I started to have my doubts."

Were you a little surprised that they chose you?
"A little bit yes, they showed great interest in me going into the senior bowl and asked me if I was going to play linebacker in the game….I'm excited now, I still haven't stopped shaking."

How have they told you, you can expect to be used?
"As a linebacker and as a 3rd down rusher, but I told them they can use me anyway that want - all they have to do is tell me."

Coach Nolan was impressed at your pro-day workout. You took the lead in all the drills. Did you have a big leadership role on the NC State defense this year?
"Yes sir, I was the nominated leader by the team and by the coaches, both on field and a lot of off field issues when they were playing, had questions, or were going through some other issues they would come and talk to me about them."

Was that something that you thought you needed to do because you had other great players on the defense like (John) McCargo and (Mario) Williams?
"It wasn't just because of those two; it was because of the whole team. My whole team had a great bunch of guys and were very talented and sometimes they would start to go down the wrong path and you just want to get somebody to set you straight and to lead you on the correct path."

What do you think about having to cover Vernon Davis in practice?
"You know what, I look forward to it. I'm a competitor so I'm very eager, very eager. It's going be great….I've seen what he can do both at the Combine and when he played against us. He's a great guy and I'm happy to be on the same team as he is."

What kind of friendly competition did you have on the line over the years with Mario Williams?
"Our competition was designed to see who would be the first one to the quarterback."

Did you have a chance to talk to him at all last night?
"Yes sir I did. I talked to him last night when everything was going throug. He called me and told me how ecstatic he was and I told him how proud of him I was."

What do you bring to the table for this team?
"Anything they want me to. Anything…..right now they want me to play defense so they have somebody who is very intense on the field who's going to give 110% and everything he has to get to the ball ,somebody who can cover and also rush the passer, so I feel that they have made a great choice and they have a complete package in one guy to fulfill many roles."

How comfortable are you in coverage and playing off the ball a little bit?
"I played linebacker for two years in my collegiate career as a freshman and sophomore and I can't think of the guy's name in my freshman year, I played against the tight end from Virginia and that was one of my best games against him and just being of the ball . What I also bring to the table, I'm a linebacker now who has also gone against 330 guys who weighed 100 and something pounds more than me because I played defensive end, and so I going to be able to hold my run against the rush and hold my run against tight ends. Also now you have somebody who can run some with the back field and cover tight ends."


The San Francisco 49ers contributed to this report.

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